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ELCAN Scope Bug


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I guess you know the bug with ELCAN scope that happened when you were aiming with optic and switched to the top iron sight while aiming. It made scope much smaller on the screen, the magnification was still 4x tho.

My suggestion is - make that bug into a feature. Of course not mandatory but with a switch in-game menu like "open eyes optic" and only up to 4x.

I am quite sure that there are some people that enjoyed this "bug". I noticed that additional awareness coming with scope taking up less space on screen greatly increased my kill ratio (we played 2 man group both with bugged elcan and both of us had 7 raids win strike with geared players in raid).
Having the possibility to remain aware of my close surrounding while searching for threat in the treeline has saved me 3 times(3of7raids) I noticed guys coming out of bushes 50m away from my position at the side of the screen while sniping with the optic.
The bugged scope also has better image quality (same resolution but smaller area on the screen). Normal ELCAN is a little bit pixelated.

Now -  I know there will be a lot of people [[that don't use optics cuz they are to afraid to pay 400 usd in game currency to buy one]], that will start to scream that making this bug a feature is UNREALISTIC BARBARIC AND OP OF COURSE.


It isn't. Let me destroy your dreams now - experienced sharpshooters use both eyes, with 1x scopes most of the time. And there is a good chunk of them that use 4x optic with both eyes open as well. It's not unrealistic it's a little bit hard to get used to, but it's very viable - just like diving with no mask and open eyes. (if you don't believe me then google it you will find people that can confirm)

Now the "OP" part. Emm. Hehe. I must kinda agree but I still want that feature to be considered so I will try to prove myself wrong here... 
Bugged optic takes up about 1/6 of the screen. While not bugged it takes up about 5/6. You trade magnified area for awareness. Then there is the second thing - if you didn't tried bugged ELCAN in close combat you won't be able to get the idea but...
When you have normal screen around small 4x elcan screen, you can notice player standing 30 m away on your right, your reflex will make you anticipate the angle and turn weapon in direction of enemy but the line where side of 4x area meets the 1x area creates a kind of effect that causes your anticipation to be inaccurate. In effect, you will end up missing initial shots(if you start firing immediately) or you will notice the enemy "insight" of scope an make quick correction losing a little bit of time.
The solution is switching to backup sight but it also takes time and it's not the most intuitive thing to do in the 1-2 seconds of time that you have left when you notice the guy.
The last part is that I believe this "event" is caused by a combination of optic camera position and iron sight FoV. If I'm not mistaken, it means that size of scope on a screen can be increased (from the bugged version) from 1/6 to 2/6 or 3/6 - still adding a little bit of awareness to the player.

This is a realistic feature that trained marksman use (PMC that put their life at stake every day should have this figured out for sure)
After asking around friends who own tarkov I anticipate that some people will be extremely happy with this
It won't impact player that like current state of game if you make it switchable
It's not OP it's just a "trade" as I explained
It might encourage players that play solo to mount optic on their guns making their game more interesting and making their killers reward more 
I believe its super easy to make (it occurred as a bug by itself, after all. We don't need this right away it's just a nice addition for later)

Plase, join the discussion below.

Respectfully Your's Potato Potata


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