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Can Factory Key spawn on Scavs at Factory/Best way to get Fac. key


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It can spawn on any scav and in any filing cabinet as well. It can also spawn on the dead scav in the warehouse near old customs exit and in the tool cabinet in the same warehouse at the other end of the room. They dead scav is in the warehouse behind the chimney stack near the old exit.


I've found it on the table next to the tv in dorms at customs which is it's best known spawn and also in scav pockets on different maps


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That thing can spawn literally on any map on Scavvies, check their pockets and bags, and of course all the other usual spawning points like 2-storey dorms (that thing has only 2 storeys, guys ... groundfloor+1st storey+2nd storey) in the "doorman´s cabin" right at it´s front entry .


Stay safe,

loot well .

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