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Any plans on Open Beta?


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Not sure if OBT will be free either?

They've made some definite statements about it being out ~2018 i believe, but these are always subject to change. Unless the 'vertical slice' we've been enjoying so far has been cut from the cake (and not having the cake being made from it) then they may have quite a lot of content they've been playing close to their chest.

So it's really hop on in the EA or wait until valvetime(TM).

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On 1/23/2018 at 4:27 PM, Stalker2400 said:

Will there ever be open beta for like stretch testing and stuff like that also some people to get a change to play this?

Maybe if this comes to steam you do one there?

I like your taste in music, Disturbed was my favorite band for a long time

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