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Requests for playing as a team


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Ok I can understand you wanting to make this a hardcore game.  Nothing is sacred, the only sure thing is death.  But when working as a team with other players why do we spawn in different locations and get different exits?  It makes no sense at all.  We are a TEAM, same spawns, same exits but still getting your ass shot off by a pro Twitch streamer.


Also.  Put in a compass for gods sakes.  Any professional soldier has a paper map and a compass at the least.

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Compass would be Nice i Guess.

Anyway, factory spawns are kinda messed With a Squad. 

ALL Squad members need to have the map, so they can choose which side of the map you'll be starting from. This will let you start together and leave together. Shoreline doesnt have a map, but With a big Squad someone can spawn abit further away from the rest of the Squad which is a minor hazzle for now, but if they dont know the map whatsoever it can get frustrating, but this is for shoreline only. 


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