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Sniper Rifle Damage


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In my time of EFT over the past few months I have witnessed and experienced that decline of the damage of bolt action sniper rifles. It is infuriating when you get to Wet Job Part 6 when you need to reach level 7 in sniping and the gun damage is basically the equivalent of shooting someone with a potato cannon from a distance of anything more than 50m. I love the bolt action snipers when you witness your opponent drop in one shot but recently it take anything from 3 to 5 to kill any armored target. Headshots with those guns also are render useless, since apparently even targets with the lightest of armor aka the Kolpak takes more than one shot to kill with an 7.62x54mm SNB round (High Armor Pen. and Flesh Damage) from an SV-98. Even DeadlySlob showed this in one of recent videos and probably many more have as well.

I am begging you on behalf of the community of Tarkov. Make the Bolt Actions useful and powerful like they once were.

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You're begging on behalf of yourself. Don't presume to speak for the opinion of the entire forum. 

A rifle being a 'bolt-action' doesn't magically make it a superior weapon. Especially not when you start talking about 'damage'. 

The issue with Marksmen rifles in game, is there there currently aren't ranges to where these weapons would actually be useful (600m) currently your standard 'Assault Rifle' is far more useful in nearly all situations since the ranges don't extend much past 200 meters (or at least from what I've ranged on open areas of woods), especially when you factor in lines of sight. At the bests of cases you aren't going to be shooting at anything much more than 300 meters.  

If you want to cutie and moan about 'fixing' something. Ask for the Dev's to model body armor so it only protects against rounds within the parameters of it's protection levels. I.E only FORT (plated) will protect against rifle rounds. And OPS CORE and other helmets will only protect against pistol cartridges.

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