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Current Factory spawns + some suggestions

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Twice in a row now (and some other times too) I've been killed right after spawning on Factory, losing my newbie gear.

I understand you're supposed to be alert right off the bat. The thing is that on maps that aren't Factory, you can try to avoid enemies after spawning. You don't need to face them. This allows players with significantly inferior gear to be alive for more than 10 seconds into the raid.

On factory, however, the tunnel spawns are absolutely terrible. There are some spawns that leave you sandwiched between other players. If the gear is equal-ish it's fair-ish but the person with inferior gear (basically me, always) will always die right at the spawn (as long as it's in the tunnel, as I said).

To "fix" this, I think all the players shouldn't spawn in some sort of "lane" of people, it would be nice if spawns were spread around the building a lot more. Obviously, players shouldn't spawn too close to loot spawn, though.
Alternatively, spawns (or the map) could be altered in a way so spawned players always have 2-3 ways to flee. This would eliminate the occurrence of a) being stuck between other players that want to kill you and b) fleeing from one superior player and running into the arms of another one 3 seconds into the game.

I'd also like to mention that this sort of stuff doesn't happen to me a lot on the spawns that aren't directly in the tunnel, so I guess those are fair. However, Tunnel spawns aren't.

What do you think about this? Any other suggestions?

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