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Future DLC idea


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Yesterday while playing the game I was thinking about what this game may bring in the future after it has been finished in terms of further content, and I thought to myself that would be a great contrast to the game to have a second setting to bring some variety into it. I was thinking that something like the conflict in Syria would make for a great addition. Since Russia is involved in that particular conflict and it would also go great with the idea of private military companies since many PMC's do in fact volunteer to fight in Syria.

It could make for awesome maps and gameplay I think. The clustered typical war-torn cities which one often sees, many spots for ambushes or snipers, constantly having to be on the watch, looking into every window and every explosion hole in buildings.





Or maybe so rural maps with small villages, farms, scarce woods and desert hills.


I think it would really compliment this game having authentic scenarios like this. I know it's far out there, and the core game has to be there and done first, but I just wanted to throw some ideas out there. : )

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For the last picture -

Huge Scav Encampments / Blockades might be pretty cool. Maybe some "Infiltrate scav camp" missions might come about or something.


Definitely a concept for a DLC though!

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On 2/4/2018 at 4:06 AM, FabulousShawn said:

This is tarkov. Not Syria. The game is called Escape From Tarkov.

You realized this was talk about DLC, not the core game, right? DLC's don't have to be in the same environment, not even in the same era.

BFBC2 had a Vietnam DLC that had nothing to do with the "Bad Company" story theme anymore.

Red Dead Redemption had a zombie DLC.

Far Cry 5 also had a Vietnam DLC.

DLC's don't have to be in the main game "universe".

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