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Thanks @devs!

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Great game, great dev team, thanks!


@dev team:

You guys did an awesome job so far. We are playing as a clan since more than 10 years, we played the Battlefield series a lot. We also played Arma II and III, Raindbow 6 series and PUBG.

When we started to play EFT, we immediately got hooked up. The gameplay is fun, the learning curve is hard so it's challenging and it's EXACTLY what we were waiting for since years. No more arcade games, nothing too boring. Instead it's the perfect mix of round times, fire fights, sneaking around and the thrill of looting. 

Ofc we had our frustrating start with the lost loot mechanic... but as said above: for us it's so much fun that we have _no problem_ to lose our gear.

Right now we can say that the balancing of the gameplay mechanic is great, the balancing of the weapons is great. The maps are awesome.

But most of all, you guys do a great job when you change maps and change the game mechanics, everything is handled well and professional. GREAT dev team!


About loot boxes:

We wouldn't have any problem, if you have micro transactions for cosmetic stuff only. But we are very thankful, that you made the official notice that you will not integrate loot boxes or micro transactions in the future.


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