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Hi Escapers , i saw a ton of guys who say EFT is Pay to win , just because u get a bigger Stash if u own a bigger Version of the Game . 

But thats not true , i startet with the standart Edition and did very well with it . Its all about the Stash Management , and now im here and i will show u how to store the Maximum. 


1.) Weapons

  • Consider which Weapon u realy need , Noone needs 10 Pistols 5 Shotguns and 20 AKs and Stuff like this. >>> Go sell it ! sell everything u dont need .
  • How to Store Weapons >>> take the Grip of and put out the Magazine >> now your AK only takes 1 insteed of 2 slots !
  • If your Gun have a folding Stock >>> Fold it ! ( AKS Saiga AKMS etc.) 


2.) Attachments

  • Only Store Attachments if u realy need them and wanna use them , to store it mount it on some picatinny rails  or guns.
  • U can easily store the Grips under the Guns or anywhere else in your stash or sell it and buy new ones when u are assembling a Gun. They are Cheap.

3.) Magazines

  • Magazines use a lot of Space in your Stash , >>> Only take 2 Magazines of each in the Stash sell all others , u dont need 100s of Magazines . Because u only took 2 Mags when u are going for a Raid . And Mags are cheap. 

4.) Backbags

  • If u realy need a ton of Backbags then Stack them , the only Backbags i store are lootet Pilgrims and some Trizips . They are cheap so dont waste your stash sell them ! 




5.) Vests

  • Vests need a lot of Space in your Stash but u dont need them >>> sell the Vests , if u go in a Raid just buy a Scav vest and u do Good ! You can easily upgrade your vest at a killed Player or SCAV. 

6.) Body armor

  • Body Armor Takes a Lot of Space in your Stash !
  • 3M Armor is nearly Useless and cheap >> DONT STORE
  • Paca Armor   is the best Friend of an Escaper but they also very cheap >> DONT STORE 
  • Fort Armor if u got one u will find a Way to Store it in your Stash ! never sell a FORT armor !  If u reached Lvl 35 u can Buy some ICases i think this Case can hold 4 Forts !

6.) a Helmets

  • Kolpaks are only usefull against small Calibers like 9mm and Hatchlings. and cost only 8000 Rubels ? so >>> DONT STORE 
  • Kifer Helmets are good Store them if u can but if u are on lvl 35 u are able to buy them . 
  • OPS Core Helmet is the same as the Kifer if u have Space , store it if u are lvl 35 u can buy them. 

7.) Questitems

  • Store them in Cases or anywhere u find Space for. 

7.)a Goldchains and Bitcoins 

  • Store them if u reach lvl 35 u can Trade i think 7 Gold chains against an Fort Armor ! 
  • Bitcoins are more worth then 100k Rubels but only needs 1 slot ! 


8.) Cases

  • When u reach Level 35 u are able to Buy Cases at Therapist and Skier . 
  • Guncases >>> Guns Ammo and Magazines . 
  • Wallets >>> 4 Stacks of money 
  • Moneycase >>> a lot more money 
  • Icase >>> Everything 
  • Keybar >>> Keys 
  • Docs >>> Keys and Money 
  • LvL 35 is the level it deletes the differense between Standart and EoD version. 




I hope i could help u Survivors a little bit :D 

please note , this is just my Opinion and English is not my Mainlanguage xD

Cheers Korner 

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Good for you man, just cause you dont want to throw around the extra cash, doesnt mean you cant succeed.   I applaud you sir.

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That Guide is great :D even tho i got the EoD Version im allways in a big struggle of room.. (bought it a few weeks ago so lost about 15 level) Had no clue that u can buy cases lmao

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Thanks for your effort. But the difference after LV 35 stays the same. In Standard edition you can store, just guessing 20 Icases.

But in EOD you can store about 60Icases. But I get your point, why ever, anybody should do such insanity ? ( not me ;-) )

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It aggravates me when I see screenshots with someone stash and all of the stocks are unfolded. FOLD YOU STOCKS!

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Skier weapons cases are really good for standards pretty much a necessity 

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