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Streamlining procedural controls

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It'd be nice, if the stance and pace change controls were more intuitive and practical. It's a great system, but most if not all people are not using it, as far as I know. 
Simply because it's not effective with current controls.
Here's some controls that I think would make it more usable in the actual game rather than just look good on a whiteboard.

Holding the Duck button down would lower your stance, as if you were scrolling*                                                          
Holding the Jump button down would raise your stance, as if you were scrolling*. 
* as if you were scrolling = simulating a constant scrolling input.
Right now if you bind your procedurals to a keyboard key, it'll still behave like a scrollwheel, ie you have to click for each input.

Clicking the Duck button would let you switch between the lowest crouched stance and the last stance you selected.       
Clicking the Jump button, when standing up would make you Jump.
Clicking the Jump button, when Ducked would make you stand up.

Walk speed
Holding the Sprint* button would increase your walkspeed, as if you were scrolling.
Holding the Walk button would decrease your walkspeed, as if you were scrolling.
Clicking the Walk button would switch you to the lowest walking speed.
Clicking the Sprint button would switch you to the highest walking speed.
While at the highest walking speed, clicking the Sprint button would let you sprint.
* separation of the Sprint and Breath button into two would be needed.

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This is really personal preference. For a lot of people, what you are suggesting would not be viable and would more than prefer the current system. So, maybe its more of personalized customization that will make everyone happy and not adjust to such system because it will actually make it worse for a lot other. 

Also note that you use the scrolling wheels to keep changing up and down, fast and slow, constantly and with the system you are suggesting this will only be harder to control. So again, just a personal preference like many others might suggest other ideas.

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I agree, it's definitely my idea and so I have biases, but can I ask you a question? Are you using the stance adjust controls or even the pace during firefights? And I mean, when you're geting shot at and shooting back. Or do you just go to the basic FPS method and crouch, if you need to get cover, even if it means you get so much cover you can no longer fire back?

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