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Persistent scavs

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I'm guessing you already might be planning on expanding the scavs in some way, but anyway, it'd be nice to have a more involved scav system however you do it.
Here's my suggestion. Or idea. Might be a bit far fetched to call it inspiration.
Scavs would start with only clothes, no rig, no backpack, a makarov or TT as a starting weapon with one mag and some spare bullets.
The only thing you could take from your scav and give to your PMC would be things in his backpack. (once you find one as a scav)
Scavs would level up and stay persistent. So if you get your scav to level 2 on one raid and extract, he'll level 2 on the next one. Scav would be reset every time he dies. Maybe a longer timer on him aswell compared to just extracting.
Same with weapons and gear. What your scav gets is what you loot for as long as he stays alive. There's no access to his inventory outside of the raid, so he can only heal with items during a raid.
Even better would be if you found a lore-friendly way that a PMC can hire a scav. Maybe from <Fence>. Then the more of your scavs die the higher the fee for hire would be. If you're careful with your scavs and get them to a high level before dying you get better relations and prices on fence.
Just an idea.

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