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chambering is not realistic.


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im pretty new to this game but it seems like a sim. ive noticed when you shoot your gun and reload the bullet in the chamber ends back up into your old magazine. example: 8 bullets in your gun you shoot once, now you will have 1 in the chamber and 6 in the mag. but when you reload it ends back up in the old mag when reloaded. just something little that now that ive seen it i cant unsee.

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You are mistaken.

Let's assume this scenario:

  • You have for example AK-74 or M4
  • Weapon has empty chamber
  • You have fully loaded magazine of 30 rounds
  • Magazine is not attached to the weapon


  1. If you attach magazine (or load if you prefer), you have empty chamber and 30 rounds. 
  2. You use charging handle to load first round into a chamber: you have 1 round in a chamber, 29 rounds in a mag
  3. You shoot once. Semi-automatic and automatic weapons load next round from mag to chamber. You have now 1 round in a chamber and 28 rounds in a mag
  4. You unload mag. You have now weapon with 1 round in a chamber, and mag with 28 rounds in it. 

It's how it works IRL, it's also how it should work in game. And, "surprisingly", it is how it does work in the game. 

The only exception is SKS, where (because of construction, where weapon is designed for internal magazine), when you unload mag, you first need to lock bolt in the rear, so you can actually detach the mag. And doing that causes round in chamber to be ejected (in game: lost). That's why with SKS you always need to chamber a round after reload. 

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