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AKS74U recoil (buttpad)

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PSA: some have probably already figured it out (did a quick search, didn't see much - search actually broke and told me to search in 3 secs, loop).

Basically the long and hard: rubber butpad got nerfed from --15recoil down to --4.

This means for the AKS74U best 'stats' has changed (i'm currently at lv3 all traders and haven't seen beyond yet)...

See attached for comparison, where Option 1 is the previous loadout i'd rock, was superior at --55recoil and has now changed +11 to an inferior --44 recoil (ergo appears unchanged from memory).



NB: i'm not sure what the Size Changes mean, although they're identical between the two products.

NBB: I'm not sure what the difference between a single "-" (minus) and two "--" (minus) means in the game's communication of stats, but again: both products report identically in this regard.


Basically there's a big cost difference, they both fold, and it's arguably easier to reach Skier 2 than it is Prapor 3 (but you gotta get off the ground with that Fort and Kiver first).

What do you guys think?

Is there anything beyond (Lv4 traders) which supersedes this?

Am i dreadfully wrong?




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