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Collision Detection Player w/Weapon

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As a suggestion, as I am sure the devs are working hard on getting player collision detection working better/properly I've noticed a continued problem. In melee I often pass through another player's body which can be confusing but the opposite problem I'm having is I'm often having melee players charge at me while I'm shooting them and the game is giving their body collision detection against the gun which forces my player to lift the barrel up like he is passing a wall. The gun still fires but nothing connects because the game has allowed the running player's charge to act as an immovable object and force the gun up.

I'm a little confused how two players can pass through each other no issues but guns seem to interact with player models. I'd love to know if this forced movement is intended or not, as to me it would seem a charging player shouldn't be able to force the gun movement. I don't want to call it a bug because I do not know for certain how the devs intended this situation to happen, physically it would be very difficult in a flat charge to force a gun up like that, maybe if they were doing an upward charge it would make sense, but not a direct line.


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