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After some consideration, i am also putting the following weapon up for sale, an MP-153 shotgun, this weapon will come as is, starting at 70 Rubles, i do not have any munition to spare for this, but it could still be a valuable addition to a starting PMC.




Is repairable
Is repairable in raid
Repair rank: 2
Weapon power: 170
Misfire: 2%
Max distance: 50 м
Accuracy drop from distance: 0.14
Damage drop from distance: 0.13
Weapon class: Shotgun
Weight: 3.5 kg
State: 450/3000
Dirtying: 30/40


The Grach has been sold.

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On 4/10/2018 at 5:56 PM, Mr_Sheep said:

I shall bid 61 Rubles 


Kind sir, you do play in the Tarkov RPG, and actually take possession of this item? (And pay for it)


Sadly this gentleman was mistaken, and he is not able to purchase this fine weapon for himself.

This means that it's still available, as is the MP-153, which might be more for the budding Engineer, or someone who plans ahead.


I am open to offers!

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The Grach has been sold, the MP-153 will remain for sale until about Tuesday, ish.

Dont dismiss it as it could be a valuable asset.


Last call, this shotgun can be bought by anyone, even in the Russian games!

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A small pistol box is on display at a local Pawn and gun store located outside of Tarkov, containing a brand new Model TT pistol with a few magazines. It seems untouched with a price tag of 50 roubles.






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