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Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

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DISCLAIMER - this is all speculation, and has had zero input from the developers. It is merely an unofficial collection of ideas and images and should not be cited as reference material for future game content. You have been warned ;) 

Welcome all. I had a few moments spare, and noticed there wasn't much in the way of a consolidated 'planned features' thread, instead news is dotted around the forum. Of course, none of this is 100% going to arrive and some features may have been discussed by devs in secondary sources (i.e. YouTube videos, stream etc) so please, take this all with a huge pinch of Tushonka. I have also included my own speculation on some of the features for fun.

So, in order to educate new players and potentially re-motivate or remind older ones, I have decided to gather as much info as I can on where Tarkov will be heading in the near future. This will mainly concern content and new game mechanics that we know of so far. There is probably quite a bit I have missed, so if you have any images or info you'd like me to add PM me and I'll add them to the post!


Special thanks to my runners, @truskolasand @alex8xela

Official Dev Roadmap: 

Game mechanics


Karma system
Periodic quests/tasks, daily/weekly/monthly etc
Multiple Scav factions and Scav ‘bosses’
‘Marked’ cult faction and rogue AI PMC (speculation)
BEAR English voice over lines
Faction-specific quests
Possibility to create multiple characters (currently 3)
Dynamic player character condition / dirtying, scars etc
GPS, a manual thermal imager, rangefinder, binoculars, monocle, use of optical sights as binoculars, rocket launcher
Booby-trapping of bodies and containers 
Different prone positions i.e. sideways, legs forwards possibly. 'Something they'd like to do'
Stair traversal and character animations rework
Door opening/breaching with shotgun/tomahawk
Persistent health (out of raid) and drug dependencies/addictions
Manual reloading animations
    Each round by hand
    Speed-loaders (?)
   Removal of ability to check ammo count in Tab menu
Medical animations
    Unconscious state
    Moving/carrying of bodies/allies
    First aid to others (?)
    Item crafting system
New types of exits from locations
    "There will be locations with no permanent exits, where you will need to use the flares to enable the extraction, thus attracting attention of everybody in the vicinity. Pre-purchase        special exits in advance, before the start of the raid." (Roadmap)
Weapon paints (don't worry it won't be like CSGO lol)
Ageing of weapons/weapon visual wear and tear
Moving of weapon sights along the rail
Leatherman Multi-tool - modification of weapons in the field, potential removal of barrels etc.
IR markers - attach to gear for potential IFF method? Leaving in enemy positions for friendlies to find?
Character customisation - head, chest and legs (Klean stream)
Open world - after completion of 10 initial raids/scenarios
More in-depth quests, including ‘personal’ quests
Story game mode + tutorial
Arena game mode
Vaulting (?)
Ladders (Customs is gonna change dramatically after this lol - beware silo snipers!)
Advanced door opening mechanics and locking of doors
Compass - physical
Modular, customisable tactical rigs and plate carriers
Radios, jamming and comms interception
’Takedowns’ and melee kill animations
Turning off of lights and building power/generators
Many more skills to be implemented
Offline, co-op PvE with no progression
Dogtag container (Q&A)
Clan system (Q&A)
    Direct transference of items between players, out of raid
Flea market and auctions (Q&A)
Team armbands
Radiation zones (possible DLC, Q&A)
Random events in-raid (Q&A)
Scavs will loot and have limited ammo (Q&A)
Minimal destruction physics (Q&A)
Suppressor deterioration (Q&A)
Forum text RPG!
Dirtying/cleaning of weapons

Nikita, on hatchlings (Feb 8th 2018): "...survival rate dependency. We will limit some traders, quests and so on for those who have low survival rate. Like really low survival rate which usually comes with hatchling maniacs"






Weapons and attachments


Glock 17
CZ-75 (CZ/SK Q&A)
Double-barrel Shotgun
Chiappa Rhino
1PN58 NSPUM (Night sight)
Mosin Nagant
RPK-74 (we have the mags already ;))
SCAR-L & H (CZ/SK teaser image)
ACR (Hideout teaser image)
Kriss Vector
M416 (? rumoured from previous imagery of weapon modelling)

Degtyarev Plant video:

9x18mm Kashtan SMG

PKP Pecheneg

PKM (good spot,@truskolas)

12.7mm (.50) ASVK Kord Sniper Rifle

12.7mm (.50) Kord machinegun



















Interchange - coming on or before closed beta (dev/mod answer)
Potentially followed by Streets of Tarkov (Q&A)
"...after Intersection we are going to continue with Streets of Tarkov. On a parallel track, we’ll start building an indoor location with the same CQB spirit as Factory -- the TerraGroup Lab. This year we are expecting to finish all the locations necessary to release." (Roadmap)






Trader - Mechanic







Cybersport interview Feb '18


Transcript of answers to questions voiced in the interview of the head of the studio Battlestate Games portal Cybersport (Google translate edition)


Q: When will the wipe be and when will the final (last wipe) be?

A: The next wipe is planned with the start of the CBT. At the moment this month we have a preparatory, the main one, after which we will tell when exactly the OBT will be. The exact date. And it will be possible to expect that on this day of start of the CBT there will be a wipe. And accordingly, with the start of the BOT phase, wipes will be held for a while, with the release of the wipe will stop exactly.


Q: So, so far, is there no exact number of discharges?

A: It is clear that we will try to minimize them. Some people ask why wipes? Vipes are connected first of all with the introduction of a new functional, a mechanic, with the introduction of which roughly speaking the old profile will not work. The simplest example: before there was no dynamic change in the size of the weapon when installing different mods on it. With the addition of this chip there is no possibility to recalculate the changes without problems, the profile will break, the repositioning of items in the inventory will begin, and this is a disaster. Naturally, there are options ... There, pack all the items in the mail, re-sort and send again to the user. But we try to do wipes so that there are no problems with the profiles.


Q: That is, with the introduction of global features it is quite a normal story?

Oh yeah.


Q: When will the insignia be added? Chevrons or bandages, fluorescent labels maybe something like that? That is, there are some things to distinguish between each other.

A: Well, in general, it's all planned. Moreover, such patches (patches) are armored, special, which can be equiped with different colors. People will themselves determine, roughly speaking, negotiate, say that so now everything equips yellow patches and we will be so different. There will not be any interface, in the spirit of the fact that you have assembled a team and somewhere on the side chose the color. It will be necessary to equip a certain object.


Q: So, it will be possible, for example, to find the same yellow patch, put it on and go to another team, get attached to one's side and walk with them?

Oh yeah. This is an absolutely real situation in modern warfare, when the opposing sides do not differ in terms of equipment or weapons. It often happens that they take and paste the distinctive features, tape, for example, reel in a certain color and arrange sabotage, because they look as if they are their own.

In principle, this is a realistic situation, which we will have. When will this all appear? Since we have already modeled a lot of variants of the tops and bottoms of the clothing of the PMCs: bir and yusek, a complete mess will begin, because it will be difficult to understand who is who, who. Just for this purpose we will introduce distinctive features. Everything will be more complicated. This does not mean that when there will be a customization of characters we will be able to put on the same clothes for both bir and yusek, nevertheless, for each side there will be its own clothes, unique. Just clothes will be more, six variants of the tops and bottoms, but they will not intersect between the two factions.


Q: Then immediately about the factions. What are the differences now and what will they be in the future?


A: Now the difference is minimal. This appearance and set of equipment is slightly different. In the near future there will be different sets of starting skills of those or other pumped a bit. Yusek will be alone, the others have others. Plus the voice. In general, there will be no more differences. In principle, such functionality as special quests for the faction is planned, even special traders may be. But this will all be further added depending on the content that will be contributed to the game, from its volume.


Q: Stretching, mines. Functions related to the doors when throwing a grenade (stripping grenade). Wait this in the near future, you can either be closer to the release and will it at all?

A: This will happen. In the near future, this should not be expected, as there are more important tasks for the moment. Various options for interaction with the doors are planned. It's a grenade throw, knock on the door, for fun. It is possible to open the doors with a tomahawk or a crowbar. There will be exactly mining loot containers: bags, safes. The corpses can be mined. About stretch marks, too, we'll figure something out. It's all planned. For how long? Well, it's clear, not in the near future, but it will all be.


Q: Is it possible that the appearance in Tarkovo is something like a battle royal?

A: We will have our own arena, invented long before the Battle Royal, it will have its own "sports" modes, close to e-sports. The Battle Royal will not be. We will not go on about this trend and introduce some new regime or change the game to this concept, despite the interestingness of this format. It is possible to use elements of the Battle Royal in the arena, but in plans now such is not present. We are focused on developing our ideas in the arena.


Q: There is an abuzz with running, when repeatedly pressing the shift leads to the fact that you almost can not hear the sound of running. How are things with such bugs? How soon do they fix?

A: These bugs are fixed at the moment very well. Now we are preparing the next patch, we close similar abuses, bugs, mechanics, related to the functional, which is used not as needed. We try to close such problems as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, it can not be reproduced. There are such bugs that are often encountered by users, but which can not be reproduced for weeks. In the end, everything is simple enough and these problems are fixed, but it happens that these bugs hang for a long time. Recently, we are trying to interact with the community as closely as possible. And if there are any bugs and you want the project to be better, then it's important to report through a bug-report, a forum. In principle, you can always write in support and it will be accurately processed.


Q: Who keeps the game when it starts? Is it a server or one of the users? And why do I need synchronization with other players? The question is related to the temporary difference in the disembarkation.

A: This server is unambiguous. Synchronization is the synchronization of all profiles so that the game has the information necessary for adequate work. Why, for example, players appear differently - it all depends on the download speed. At the moment we are, of course, doing this. In some games, for example, like doing: you load longer than two minutes - you throw. We do not do this now. Therefore, a situation arises when a person is loaded later. When a person is loaded later, he can get into a situation when he spawns, and there already is someone. Because of this, spawn killing is obtained. In order to avoid this, we introduce additional balancing parameters, in part we will rewrite the spawn points. As an experiment in the nearest patch, we will increase the countdown timer before disembarking to 20 seconds, this will partially level the situation, give a bit more possibility to synchronize so that all of them will sleep together. In general, this is a difficult task, in a good way, it is necessary to wait until all the players and the respawn of the world are loaded simultaneously, but this is aggravated by the fact that some can be loaded for a long time. For example, people who have SSDs - they are loaded faster. That is, not everything is as simple as many think. This can be defeated, throwing out people who are in debt for a load, but this is wrong. It can be done to load faster, but this is even more difficult task, which we are also engaged in. To ship it is necessary a lot of everything - big maps, especially the Beach, it generally is loaded for a long time, in general, a rather complicated situation with this issue.


Q: Will there be global improvements in the direction of network code?

A: Global changes have been in recent times. We recently had a situation where there was always disconnect and there were many problems with errors on the server. We are constantly working on the network. Each new patch we fill the stabilization changes, which are designed to improve the situation. This will be continued. There is still a new version of Unity 2017 and even 2018, which we will need to go over to. With the transition, everything will naturally break down, you have to repair it all. When we do this is still unknown, but exactly after the MBT. Somehow, a limited number of people, divorced from the main process, everything is also difficult. I can perfectly see what people are complaining about: everything that exists in any other online game. Certainly now there are problems in the game such as disconnect, strong desiccation - we are all engaged in this. But one way or another, we will come to a state of the server that will be hard enough to polish, and only cardinal correspondence can help in this regard. We will look at the circumstances. Now, in any case, we do not deny that we need to do a lot more on the server and we will do it. It often happens that some small patch gives a profit more than a large patch, which was a month ago. For example, there was a fairly common topic, until a certain moment that people began to heavily lag, there was a feeling that they were generally outside the server, it was all due to the fact that there was an error on the server that was not connected to the network at all, but it was constantly fell, so the server braked, until the full flight. This error has been corrected, accordingly the server in this case has ceased to take off, to brake. That is, often enough network problems are related to problems completely different. Even the same server logging to identify various problems. It often caused a situation when logs were pouring so much that they hammered disk operations on the server and the server began to lag and brake. Now we practically cleaned out such moments.


Q: The most important thing is that the studio is aware of the presence of problems and they are being solved.

A: We will not produce an unfinished, unfinished product. It's time to understand this. Of course I understand that the community is different. There are so many hayters who sleep and see that we have failed, but those who believe in us and play in spite of everything, they know that we will do everything right. We did the right thing and we do it. There are situations when we do five steps forward with some patch, and with another patch ten steps back, and then again fifteen steps forward. This is a complex process, because the game is complex, complex and on this engine - there are problems. But these problems are being corrected and will be corrected further.


Q: Will the ability to fix textures or lower the load for weak computers?

A: Now the game has a long-standing problem - it is processor-independent. Many watched the situation, that with the decrease of the graphics settings nothing changed. The graphics are well optimized, but the process-independent elements, for example, physics, are not optimized. If we manage to optimize physics, we will get a doubling of productivity. Moreover, the complexity with physics is a complex problem, connected with the work of PhysX in Unity. There is still a complicated animation system that also works with the brakes, and not because we did something wrong, but simply because it is not designed for such a complex load as in EFT. That is, we are now working on optimizing the process-dependent elements. We release milliseconds of CPU time on various complex things and this gives an increase of 10-15% FPS. Now there are no settings that could coolly optimize the game. There are also issues related to the use of RAM. For example, on Shoreline (Beach) the game can use 12 Gb of memory. In Unity there is no streaming of textures, there would be a streaming of textures there would not be such a large consumption of RAM, so we'll make our own streaming, switch to a new Unity. To sum up, the potential for optimizing EFT is very large, we know what to do and will implement it. It's always wrong to say that it's always the way it is now. At us, in principle, the task on the MBT still optimize the game, to enable users with low computer configurations to play, not only at the factory, but also on other maps.


Q: Will it be possible to move the scopes around the picatini slats?

A: Yes, it will. It has been planned for a long time, especially taking into account the recent adjustment of the range settings for different sights, this is not so difficult.


Q: What about the shelter? Will it be possible to visit a friend's asylum?

A: Asylum will be. The screenshots in their time laid out. I do not know about visiting a refuge, but the player will have his own shelter, which he can develop, upgrade, this will depend on the characteristics of the character including, for example, the time of regeneration, the size of the cache and so on. With the help of the shelter it will be possible to craft various objects. There will be a lot of things, different functionalities, for example, driving booze with the help of a home-made device. I can not wait, when we start all this. Graphically, visually everything is ready. Sit and program roughly. Sounds are all there, graphically, visually everything is set up, the interfaces are all drawn. Asylum we will do during the start of the MBT.


Q: Donat. Will there be an opportunity for real money to buy some game currency or something else?

A: Absolutely not.


Q: At the beginning of the project's birth, there were rumors of a global map. Are there any such thoughts now?

A: This is not a rumor. This is in the plans, creating a freerium mode. It is clear that this is a high-level technological task. It is realistic if there is necessary functionality.


Q: Will EFT be on Steam?

A: Will, after the release, after a while, 100%.


Q: Wait for the game on the PS4?

A: The question is not closed. Many people want to do with us a console version of EFT. We plan to attend to this issue after the release, perhaps even after the release of the first DLC. This is definitely not in the near future, a distant prospect.


Q: Will the camouflage for weapons be introduced into the game?

A: The camouflage of weapons is planned, and various paternal camouflage is applied to it. Aging of weapons is planned.


Q: Is the appearance of mud effects on weapons planned?

A: This is about the same as procedural aging, procedural contamination of weapons, this is also on the list of planned things. It is also possible to change the appearance of the character over time - it becomes more dirty, shabby - the appearance of scars.


Q: It is known that you are subscribed to a group of vkontakte project Ray of Hope in the universe Stalker. Do you follow this project? Or, maybe, you took part in the development of this project?

A: No, I did not take any part. I signed up for the band because it's an interesting project. And anyway, I'm interested in various projects. In principle, I and Stalker always liked.


Q: About new subjects. I would like to receive a compass and maybe a clock.

A: The clock is already there. The compass will be. He will put on his watch, in the form of an additional bracelet. That is, looking at the clock, the player will immediately see the compass. In general, a number of different devices are planned, for example, GPS, a manual thermal imager, a rangefinder, binoculars, a monocle, the use of optical sights as binoculars, a signal rocket launcher. A lot of everything. This is all a different functionality, which is planned to be added later. Auxiliary various tools (tools) that will allow the player to survive in Tarkov more successfully.


Q: About the compass. It will be like an object that is put in inventory or as an item that can not be lost, that is, a feature that is always on your hand?

A: I do not know yet. Perhaps it will be like an abstract slot that is not visible to anyone. Most likely, it will be a slot, purely for you, although no one prevents it from making it luscious, so that it can be removed.


Q: Will there be any kind of stop system, can there be a bipod? Or additional variations of the player's positions: on his side, lying on his back?

A: Bipods will be exactly. The idea with variants of different lying positions: from the side, lying on the back, etc. I also want to do, even have plans. Perhaps we will.


Q: Will there be some kind of leg protection? Now, when using the protection of the 6th class, the legs are unreasonably vulnerable.

A: This is life, what do you want? Foot protection in principle is not functional in the modern army. There is a maximum of loincloth protection and sapper suits. We are not going to defend the legs separately, it is not planned.

Q: Will there be civilians in the locations? NPCs who would be asked to provide some kind of assistance, or who performed some other role? That is, specifically NPCs that do not fight.

A: Honestly, this was not planned, because it is difficult to implement. We have in fact PVP, PVE game online, these civilians will immediately fall down ... We plan to implement a freeroll to place dealers on the map in the style of the game Dead Island, there were traders in armored kiosks, we plan to do something similar. But it was wandering and communicating local - it was not planned. There will be other NPCs, but they will also shoot, but they will not be characters with which the player will somehow interact.


Q: When will the animation with the stairs be realized?

A: An excellent question, a year ago they showed, they did not do it to the end because they postponed it. We want to completely rework the character's animation. Old animations should be reworked and new ones added. This will give additional optimization to the game. We have been working on this for a year already and can not enter the game for the present.


Q: Will the medicine be changed, in part of the fractures? Now a turning point can only be obtained by falling from a height.

A: With the nearest patch, the probability of a fracture in case of a bullet hit will be increased, before it was generally high, if suddenly anyone remembers, the bullet hit was always accompanied by a fracture - this is the first. Secondly, a lot of things are planned for medicine, for the beginning an important change is the use of medicines in a time in which it will be impossible to shoot, that is, it is an animation of the use of medicines, a feature that will change the gameplay. A lot of things are planned, for example, off-line treatment, off-topic, when it will be necessary to support your character in the form. Now, in case of death or successful exit, the character immediately restores health and energy, and so these parameters will regenerate quickly enough, but you will need to additionally apply first-aid kits for faster recovery or use hospital services from a trader who will cure the character in a few seconds. In addition, it is planned to get used to tablets, side effects, a lot of everything.


Q: When will the characters be physical objects so that they do not pass through each other?

A: It's the players who do not pass through each other, but the bots are passing. Now there is a conflict between the players. Doing the same for bots is an additional load on the server. This we will still work through.


Q: The question of charging stores. In the current situation, the game allows you to take, for example, one AK two stores and instantly charge them. Will this be somehow corrected? Because now it looks like a small abuz.

Oh yeah. In the nearest patch, it is planned to add functionality that changes the gameplay, namely: the exact number of cartridges will not be displayed until the player checks the store - this is the first. Second: will charge / discharge stores with cartridges over time. Until there is no animation, but cartridges will probably be charged only when the inventory is open. Closed inventory - charging stopped.


Q: Will there be female characters?

A: No, it's not planned. Well, as we have a trader - a therapist.


Q: Are they playable?

Oh no.


Q: Why not?

A: Well, for example, it will be difficult to alter the size of the equipment for another physique. In general, we have long said that we have our own world, we have peasants.


Questions from the chat.

Q: Do you plan to open locks with a shotgun?

A: Yes, it's planned.


Q: If the user buys the maximum package (Edge Of Darkness), does it need to buy him some DLC in the future?

A: In the description of Edge Of Darkness it is written that it includes the Season Pass, so that all add-ons for it will be free.


Q: How many characters can I have on my account? Or will it always be one character?

A: We planned three characters. We'll see, but so far three.


Q: When will the location be "Tarkov Streets"?

A: We are now releasing the Interchange, after which we will deal with "Tarkov streets" and at the same time with one more location.


Q: Will there be discounts for February 23?

A: Something was planned, but I'm not sure. The information will be. Follow the news.


Q: When will there be more functionality in the cache? Can additional filters? Now he is like Tetris.

A: The Chron will always be Tetris. This is a certain number of cells that a player can fill. Of the additional chips may be an auto sort.


Q: Will there be other factions?

A: Playable - no.


Q: Do I understand the current two factions at all, as conditional bright and dark ones?

A: In fact, according to the plot, they are just different factions. Initially yusek is evil, no one hid it. These are the interventionists who climbed together with TERRAGROUP in Tarkov to conduct their dirty business. And the biers are trying to resist their illegal activities. But then there is turmoil, confusion. Everything mixes up. And as a result, in the end they even make friends, in another way and not say. There is also a fraction of the wild. In addition, there will still be factions, they will not be playable, for example, the UN and RF troops.


Q: Will the Customs be expanded?

A: There is much to expand. By a little bit, I'm expanding it. I think we will gradually expand it, there are places that can be connected. This is in principle not at all tied up at the work of other people, because I almost always dealt with Customs, basically. New locations already make whole teams of people and my influence is already at the very end, when you need to zapolishit, optimize or something else. For example, I had to relax for a long time, optimize, stay at night, so I studied it by heart. But as soon as I sat down to do it, I did not know what it was, because I only knew in general what it was like. Now the shopping center is being prepared. I thought it would be a simpler card, it turned out, nothing like that. The location itself has changed since the last screenshots, there were nemerenas of shops, banks, cafes, which there just is not. In general, a full-fledged shopping center, there is where to be like.


Q: How do you feel about the tops?

A: In principle, recently in reddit answered about this. I, in principle, like axes as an element of gameplay, because they introduce such a chaotic option that a player with an ax will run out from behind the corner and all your full equip will decide. In close kombat you need to be careful, you can always win an ax. If you look at some tape drives, they are very good and skillfully wield this ax. What does it mean? Toporist - this game is not from despair. You can play professionally with a topor, you can play dumbly. This is a special style of gameplay, which we certainly try to regulate and will continue to regulate. But I do not think that this is some kind of trouble, or something. This is a separate type of enemy. In the future, we plan to limit some functions in the game, depending on the survival rating. Usually, hatchet players play over and over again and they have this rating, accordingly we will limit certain moments of traders that quests will be limited for those who have a low survival rating. So we can always give out the toppers at the start of the PM. But I know people who like to play with an ax. Not because they have nothing, they have plenty of equipment. They like the principle of the game, when you go out into the raid with nothing you kill a full-time player and go out with it.


Q: Will there be a kill cam mode?

A: Maybe in the arena, in the main mode - no.


Q: And what is it that is not going to be in the main mode?

A: This is monitoring. Kill cam shows who killed you and where. Playing in the team can give the position of the enemy.


Q: Will there be an application on the phone? Maybe with inventory?

A: Yes, it will. We will soon begin work on it. Full inventory management is hard to do. Since the weapon icons are all generated on the client, and to transfer it to the mobile, it is necessary that the icons are stored on the backend, roughly speaking, to fill them. On such a scale, we simply overload everything. Let's see what happens. It will most likely be an encyclopedia, perhaps a simple option to take out insurance, and possibly options related to trade, trade reserves, a list of what is sold. Chat maybe add.


Q: Will there be shields?

A: Not yet planned.


Q: Will there be overcoming obstacles, except jumps?

A: Yes, we plan.


Q: Will there be an opportunity to reanimate the player in the next couple of seconds after his death?

A: We have a separate task - it is a loss of consciousness. That the character was cut down, fell. If the hits are fatal and the character is killed, then that's all, you are not killed, that is not as in PUBG or in Division. If the character has a shock state, has lost consciousness from shock, then it can be zalevayvit with the help of a defibrillator, pierced with drugs and the character can still run for a while.


Q: Will there be links to the book in the future?

A: They will. The plot is connected. Firstly, already cartridges are from the "Predator", are sold from the trader. Unequivocally there will be connections, then all this will be worked out even more in detail.


Q: Will AK-12 be in the game? And when will it appear?

A: We wanted to make AK-12, but they changed everything. Now there was AK-12, which will be officially in service, it is not as cool as we liked. But we have everything for him. We, most likely, will do AK-12, AK-15 and RPK-16. RPK-16, even, most likely, will be faster to do. A lot of everything. Weapons are a separate issue, these are huge lists. And how many mods have been done and how much more to do ...

Something else I found ;) 






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Exceptional idea, i would strongly recommend the use of spoilers to avoid infinite page-scroll though :3

E.g consolidate images related to the upcoming weapon mods into a weapon mods spoiler

Weapon mods


<Insert images here>


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47 minutes ago, nachtmaere said:

Exceptional idea, i would strongly recommend the use of spoilers to avoid infinite page-scroll though :3

E.g consolidate images related to the upcoming weapon mods into a weapon mods spoiler

Weapon mods

  Hide contents

<Insert images here>


Great idea man, thanks for the tip :) 

I would +1 but have run out for today lol. Cheers

EDIT 2: sorted it!

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Managed to consolidate and use spoiler function
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Thanks @DanExert (out of likes for the day).

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Added 'Lore' section, as it helps to describe/predict the future of EFT dev decisions.

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Cool stuff thanks for collecting it all together for us lazy people

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Hope they don't wait for the open beta to implement most of these...

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I'm always consistently impressed by the rate at which the devs push out new content while also working to refine what's already out there. Kudos!

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Good job collecting all that stuff man! 

Personally, I cannot wait for the Scavs to become outfitted with Mosins. This will be hilarious! :D

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Very nice work BSG.  

Looking forward to more features.  

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Awesome topic, Nice collection of whats to come.

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tactical dot of topic observer -> .

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Clan system and hideout sounds amazing, can't wait!

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