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Night Vision - Everything You Need to Know - Patch


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I wasn't able to find much information on the details of night vision when I was trying to learn about it so I decided to put everything I have learned over the last few days together to share.  If you have never used night vision in this game before, hopefully this will get you off on the right foot.  This information is based on patch  A lot has changed since night vision first entered the game.

Night vision can be purchased two ways as of right now.

The way to get it earlier on in the game is to purchase the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount from Peacekeeper Level 2.  This goes on your head and can be toggled on and off with "N".  The mount DOES INCLUDE the night vision monocular even though you might think it is just a mount based on the name.  You buy that for 1528 USD and you're good to go.  Note that this doesn't fit with a helmet on.  The only thing you can wear with it that I know of are ComTacs as of the current patch.

The second way to get it which is better for late game is from Skier Level 4.  It is called the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular and can be purchased for 118,804 roubles as of right now.  Note that this will not work by itself.  You can either mount it to a Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount or a FAST-MT helmet.  It is pretty pointless to buy it with intentions of mounting it to the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount because when you by the head mount from Peackeeper, it includes the AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular already.  The reason I still say this makes sense to purchase night vision this way late game is because you will likely be using FAST-MT helmets rather than just the Wilcox Skull Lock Head Mount which offers no protection.  To mount this to a FAST-MT helmet, you will also need the following two parts from Peacekeeper Level 2.  Those parts are the Dual Dovetail Mount for PVS-14 Monocular for 27 US Dollars and the Norotos Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount for 38 US Dollars.  Those two parts will mount to the helmet which will then allow you to mount the night vision monocular to it.

There has been talk about rare spawns for night vision that people have seen in previous patches, but I have personally never seen these spawn anywhere and neither have any of my friends that play.  If the spawns still exist, the chances of finding one is so rare that you are almost certain to not find one.  You're best bet for looting these will be off a player.  However, I doubt anyone uses these in the daylight.  If they do, they're not very smart.  That being said, you will likely only see these on players at night, particularly on Factory since that is by far the darkest map at night.  Most areas of the map are pitch black and many areas are so dark that you literally can't see you're own gun.  With it being so dark, you probably won't see these players unless you have night vision already by purchasing it.  I have acquired several sets of night vision from killing, but every kill was at night with my own night vision on to see them.  It is possible to see a player who is using night vision in the dark when you yourself don't because they will have a visible green glow on their face that other players can see, but it is very faint and almost impossible to see from more than about 20 yards away.  For those looking for quick and easy ways to get night vision early on without money, you can stop now.  It is easy once you get your first set and are skilled enough to kill players at night, but until then, you'll have to do without.  The game wouldn't be fun if everyone had night vision from the start.

If you have more useful information or updates as new patches come out, feel free to share on this post!

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