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PVE Scav hunt

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I love the idea of a "Terrorist Hunt" like mode. We currently have offline mode PVE, though the Scav count is usually incredibly low, and I'm not sure if the devs even plan on keeping offline mode. They definitely should though and then also implement a custom scav count and difficulty for that. There's multiple reasons for this.

1. New players have a hell of a time adjusting to the controls and mechanics. Being able to adjust the volume and difficulty of A.I. makes the steep learning experience easier, but also more enjoyable. It'll help players learn at their own pace. Even experienced players would be able to get better practice and an enjoyable experience out of this.

2. Sometimes I'm a little off my game and I know I'm not going to play as well if I had a long day at work or something like that. I don't want to risk losing my precious stash when I'm in one of these moods, but I still want to play. This will allow the player to still have an enjoyable experience if they're ever feeling like that. It may not be the "Tarkov" experience if you're not risking losing things, but the gun play in this game is phenomenal and I have just as much fun icing some scavs casually after work sometimes.

3. Testing weapons and tactics. This could be tied in with #1 for the experienced players to really push themselves and their team to the limit in a practice mode.

This game is awesome and I love what the devs are doing, but I would really like to see them expand the offline mode. If the matchmaking is properly balanced then it will only help make everyone better and more comfortable with the game and to play with those of a similar skill level. Instead, what is often the case when I read through the forum or speak to some of my friends that have played, they become intimidated after a couple of matches of getting murdered because of the learning curve. It begins to discourage them. I'm all about the hardcore unforgivable nature of the game. It IS still a game though, and some people need to be able to practice the skills it takes to survive in Tarkov without being discouraged. If the devs can do that, then I think that fanbase would grow much easier.

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