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RPG style Mod book/guide


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As a semi new player I have difficulty with modding weapons and understanding where everything goes. The "compatible with" tab isn't always accurate if you're looking at a certain scope, but fail to realize that you need some other obscure attachment for it to be compatible with the weapon in question. This creates confusion and often results in having to tab out and engage in scrubbing the various forums and Youtube.

I feel that there should be a system of establishing exactly what can go where when you examine an item, or maybe make a separate skill that levels as you continue to mod things. (New combos to help mitigate spamming) and allow you to discover more combinations with that equipment. Maybe similar to how Elder Scrolls is with Alchemy. I also would enjoy a notebook style guide that grows as you create new mods and examine new gear. Because even if I've already modded something, sometimes I forget that its compatible because there is a tremendous amount of parts and various other items in the game.

The current climate only adds to the steep learning curve and difficult trader UI. The weapon modding screen itself is fantastic though, I'm mostly referring to looking at parts in the inventory to see if they are compatible, or merely having a tool in game to help research and memorize various combinations of gear based off prior experience/skill in the character screen.

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I agree with this, I don't like that I have to go to the wiki to look up a part, to see what part goes to that part and so on.

What I would like to see:

- From the mod screen, click on a slot showing you what you have that is compatible AND list what you DON"T have that is compatible (maybe greyed out or marked)

- Allow me to check something I want and need to buy

       - Should have a 'needs' list for these, that list should let me know what trader&lvl will have it OR if it is in the free market

       - Flag me when an item on my list shows up in the market


Something to make this much easier than it is today, I want to play a hard core game without me needing to personally know the inner workings of each gun.

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