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Map Editing for Team Strategy Idea


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I know there have been a couple of threads regarding some sort of map editing, but most of them just bring up an idea without any substance behind them. Here, I will bring up an idea that many have had, and I'll give you what I think it will take to make it a good addition to the game for tactical use and enhanced realism, as well as giving the maps more use than for selecting spawn point.


When a player views a map in their stash or character inventory, they're given one tool to use - a pencil. They can draw on the map and plan out their route for their raids, circling points of interest and whatever they want. In the spawn select screen, they can choose a map from their inventory that they've planned out on, or mark up a new one. They can edit their map at any time before queuing for a raid, but only then. PLAYERS MAY NOT EDIT THEIR MAPS MID-RAID.



Pencil tool at bottom left. Markings on map.



When said player starts a party in the lobby, his friends or whoever else he invites joins in, and when they start to load the map in, they have a reason to stick around for loading instead of getting a drink. We all have seen the Scav background story panel before, and the map information screen that cycles past every few seconds, but as an addition, everyone in the party gets another box to check out - the edited map created by the party leader. There, they can go over the planned course of action for the raid. Think of it like a real military op - in the back of a troop transport, the squad leader lays out the plan for his squad mates, they all see it, but when they go into the field, the leader is the only one who has it. No one else gets a copy of it. If the squad leader dies and doesn't have it in his secure container, then the enemy can loot the map and see his markings, possibly giving away the team's strategy.



Extra box under customs window marked, bringing up the image of the party leader's edited map.


The main purpose behind this in my eyes would be for either A) Players who don't have voice coms while they play in a group (God knows why anyone would be like this) , B) Giving maps more of a purpose than just selecting a spawn, or C) Newer players who don't know the call outs for everything. It would be easier on the new guy to be able to visualize where he should go instead of being told "Go to trash bridge and pass the mini store checkpoint to get to dorms."


Some questions I've received or can see being asked - 

Q) Why would someone need this if they have Discord or Teamspeak?

A) They probably wouldn't. It's not something everyone would want/need to use.

Q) What if people draw awful images or write nasty words and purposely die in raid to leave a note for someone?

A) Who cares? It's a game for Adults. If people want to act childish, it shouldn't matter to you. Besides, it's a free dog tag and map you can just sell at that point.


Feel free to leave constructive criticism, thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. I would really like to see this become a thing and I know I'm not the only one.


Both screenshots and edits were done by myself, painstakingly constructed late at night taking way longer than it should have since I have no photoshopping skills whatsoever.

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I had a different ending to the reasons behind this post near the bottom since it turned one of them into a smiley, which I did not appreciate.
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