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Is it tarkov yet?

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Premise: I love this game .. I started playing from November .. and day after day I'm always in love with this game .. but I want to ask you something .. I'm noticing that the value of what you have in the stash then weapons, money, armor, etc has decreased dramatically .. I'll explain to you if I receive huge quantities rubles when I sell the players plates, weapons .. armor and more .. when I find bitcoin, roler and gold chain easily .. what I care to go down to Tarkov and be afraid of losing my loot and then easily I buy it again? What do I care to loot the players' bodies or scavs or shelves if I have everything? The respawn of rare keys are no longer rare .. I find the fort armor on a scav, and I can also buy it at a low price .. What I want to say is that when I started playing Tarkov I was FEAR of losing my loot .. but now I have TOO money easily and I can afford EVERYTHING .. the beauty, in my opinion, of Tarkov ends so .. I hope that the devs will read my request and take into account my notes because I do not think so just me .. but hundreds of players .. Thank you.

Remember... I love this game.. don't loose it..

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In a player-driven economy like Tarkov someone is always gonna come out on top. All the devs can do is adjust how big a percentage of the player base those people are.

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Also remember that this beta and things need to be tested.

Devs have already stated that gear, all gear in general, will be much harder to procure in the actual game.


Key phrase: "It doesnt represent the final quality of the product.

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Guys thanks for reply.. here we talk... i know it's a BETA game.. but I do not want the way of the game changing.. I liked the origin of the game more.. that's all..

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