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Questions from Argentinian Stalker


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Hello you cheeki breeki comrades.

My name is Ferchii, im from Argentina and this kind of games doesnt so popular on this part of the map. So I go a few questions.

1 - Servers and ping.

Lately im playing Survarium and there is only 3 servers. EU-USA-RU everyone with +200 ping. My internet connection is the highest from the country, arround +30MB.

How many servers/sub-servers will be? All i know this is s Russian game.

2 - Map.

I was reading something like raids and stuff. From much as i know, this is like DAY-Z / STALKER / FO4. All the map for you and just explore and try to not get killed.

Besides, i read about scenarios. So, is not a full map. Just small part of the main map for play?

3 - Trading and social.

This is the most important part. Everyone wanna to join a clan to kill the other guys, then be friendly and kill them. Also I think that if you see a guy with the weapon that you are searching, you have the option to trade? (Or just kill him and grab it). 

4 - Latin American players.

If you are from latin america. Just send PM, we could make a team.

Thats all blin! 

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Yes, there will be raids, or scenarios. After you complete them all, you get access to bigger free-roam location. 

There is no trade option, but you can simply drop stuff on the ground.

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