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Doors & Scav potential

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I'll get straight to the suggestion. 

I was thinking it would add some interesting gameplay elements if each door was able to be locked from inside as doors are in real life.  

As well as instead of just simply having the option to select Unlock or Open, you physically had to turn the handle to check if the door was locked or not giving an audible cue.  

If the door was locked from inside and a player was inside you could either shot gun the door hinges, or kick it until it opened.  Maybe even introduce a sort of battering ram or pry bar just for this job.


The idea for Scavs is to have them in various idle phases.  Sitting in chairs.  Drinking vodka.  Talking on guard duty.  That way manuevering through the maps would be that much more immersive.  

Once spotted or alerted to gun shots they could then go into combat or alert status and patrol or search.  


Anyhow just a few ideas I figured I'd share that came to mind while sniping on Customs.  

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