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A Rich Topic about Guns :D

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Well hello there my friends i got some time off and decided to make this list of guns for this game , well because i love it  ... i will be splitting them into 3 categories , USEC, BEAR and SCAVS , lets cut to the chase ... 



Assault Rifles: MSBS-K , SCAR-L , G36K, SIG 550, CZ 805 , Zastava M21 , IWI tavor , l85A2 ,ARX 160

Battle Rifles: SCAR-H , ARX-200 ,DSA SA58 

Carbines: G36C

DMRs: SR25 , MK14 , HK417

Sniper rifles and bolt action rifles: AWM , M24 , MK21 PSR

Shotguns: Armsel Protecta, AA12(Extremely rare), M4 benelli , KSG

SMGs: MP7 , UMP-9 , UMP-45 , Kriss Super V, Scorpion Evo 3, P90

Pistols: MK23 ,FN Five Seven , HI point JHP(just joking )




Assault Rifles: AK-12 , AN-94 , A-545 

Carbines: AK-9 , 9A-91 ,SR-3, OTS-14 groza

Battle rifles: (blank)


Sniper rifles and bolt action rifles: VSSK ,KSVK , Orsis T-5000

Shotguns: (blank)


Pistols: GSH 18 , Fort -12




they should have access to old and cheap guns , some left over from ww2 and beyond


Assault rifles: AR-15(very rare) ,


Battle rifles:G3(10 round mag very rare ) , SVT-40

Bolt action rifles: Mosin nagant , Kar 98k, Reminghton 788

Shotguns: KS-12,TOZ-34

SMGs: MP40(Very rare) , PPSh-41 and its copies

Pistols : Hi point JHP (:D) , Luger P08 , walther p38


Any many more , with this am wrapping my list of guns , thank you for reading so much , stay save out there :D

If you think otherwise please reply , maybe you guys have better ideas :D


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As cool as some of these weapons are, from what I understand, all the guns are supposed to fit into the lore of tarkov. So, many of these guns don't make much sense. It would make sense that scavs would have rare spawns of some of the USEC and Bear weapons because both of those factions get killed frequently in tarkov. I like the list but I think that some of this doesn't lore

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I took my time to write down guns that do fit , for example americans love the iwi.tavor and they import a lot of them , it can be customised a lot

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We need some of that glorious hi-point action (the handgun version of the TOZ) and we might even be able to get this salient arms kit (we already have salient glock parts confirmed) :D 


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