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Anyone has Tips and Tricks ?

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Hi everyone

I bought the game 2 days ago and i really like the concept.
But i didn't found any way to make some Roubles/Dollars/Euro without really risking my life or precious gear.
I lost some gear and have around 230K roubles left.

If anyone has any tips, feel free to answer.

Thank you mates and good luck ! :D

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Get familiar with the maps and general gameplay. You can start offline runs. In these you cannot lose any gear, but cannot aquire any new, you also get no xp. You can start offline runs by selecting offline and PvE mode while setting up a run.

If you lose all money and gear you can reset your profile via tarkov homepage as a last resort.

If you start a scav run and manage to escape you can transfer the scav's gear to your pmc.

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you have to do your homework on spawn locations, where scavs can be located, how they work, what are the most populated area, which ways players like to go from their spawns etc. I'd recommend playing customs right now.

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try to go as a hatchet and an empty container and loot something and put it into the safe container. also sometimes im on the factory and giving away gear to friendly hatchlings which wiggle at my direction. im a bear always with AKM

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First thing you will do is going to traders to examine as much as you can. This will save you in raids.

Your next mission is to get familiar with maps and the extractions. For one extraction you will need 3k rubles.

Try to go to high traffic areas either with a hatchet or fully geared. Get familiar with the location and try to outsmart your enemies.

NEVER assume you are alone. If you have killed a player, his teamate is probably alive or he was alone.

If you get very well familiar with maps you wont have a hard time getting money.

Overcome gear fear. Dont be afraid to lose.

A beginer trains until he becomes a pro. A pro trains until he gets it wrong.


This is all I have to say for you. But if you wanna I can help you inside the game. Just msg if you wanna. I will try to be online as much as possible.

Remember, Who Dares Wins

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