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Scavs aimbot with shotguns

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Ive been playing on factory and wood and ive noticed a lot that scavs with shotguns are hitting me and my team from 55M + with shotguns, blacking out legs with toz (which is ducking poo unless its used by AI scavs). also it seem like the damage output from the scavs are 50% stronger when you use the same gun on them is there anything that can be done?  

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not sure if scav really do more damage than player with weapon (it would be pretty stupid imo)...


i think you actually underestimate the TOZ, that actually have fairly decent damage....did quite a few cheap PMC run with it.


also, shotgun SHOULD be able to hit you 55+ metres. depending on choke, 12g can be fairly effective up to almost 100m IRL.



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I just had a problem in factory where I was hiding in the hallway next to the forklift room (the one with windows) and I saw a scav walking away from me (back is facing me) and so I thought it was safe but as soon as I started to silent walk to the exit the scav immediately turned around and shot once and I instantly went down (I did have a kiver on and I had fort, fort was pretty damaged but it said that I was shot in the arm) all in all I'm pretty fed up with random one shot deaths that aren't even headshots. my limbs weren't blacked out or anything either. 

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