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Fundraising Venders for Limited Time Items

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I've been watching the streams of many different people and a lot of the main streamers are complaining about having too much money or find it too easy to get money. Kill two scavs and a couple players for their delicious loot and you've netted a nice little profit. Keep doing this while grinding a quest or an item and soon you will have so much money that you won't know what to do with it. One solution is to keep buying all the good attachments for weapons or buy the better ammo. But even then there is still a lot of money (Euros, Roubles...) in the system not being used.

What I think might be an interesting idea to try out is to have temporary quests issued out by certain venders (Prapor, Peacekeeper), asking for money to bring into the market top of the line gear and make it available for purchase for a limited time. Perhaps there is a white holo sight or a deep blue hand guard or a cool looking gun made available by this vender for a limited time only after the entire player base (5k players in closed beta) has completed it.

This would be a large fundraising quest that everyone who accepts the quest will have a chance to buy these items should the entire player based be successful in completing. The vender will set the quest for $500,000US and if you accept this quest, you can use a donation slider ( [0-----------|-----10,000] to determine how much you are willing to donate ($500, 2000, 10000...) to the vender. If each person who donates adds 10,000 to the vender pool (10,000 x 50 players) then the vender will for 24 hours make these special weapons available. 

I think this will help to get rid of money hoarders or to help people with a lot of free cash spend their hard earned money.

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