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Desync and Group identifying


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Having really hard time wanting to play the game due to continuous deaths due "desync". The level of desync I'm experiencing is at the level of Rainbow 6 Siege and you know how horrible it is.
The odds for defender in close quarter combat to lose is higher than the person that rushes/engages and that shouldn't really be the case. For example, buildings with stairs, person A is waiting near the stairs (camping stairs) in upstairs, person B rushes up the stairs, of course the person A shoots first towards the person B making first contact or so it should be, but so many cases person B wins the fight due to desync and person B also haven't even taken any damage even tho from the person A's perspective he made 5-10 guaranteed hits but in reality he only hit the person B's desynced character model and the "game" it self does not record the hits. Even most of my friends have noticed this so I am not alone with the problem.

To the suggestion for the group/teammate identifying method. An armband that is only shown to the party members for example, all party members have a white armband cloth tied to their hands and only the party members can see their party's armbands.
Other method would be a cosmetic slot for armbands and add different color armbands to the game you can loot from scavs or duffle bags or buy from therapist perhaps. Then you can choose a color with your party members for the armband and hope other parties don't have the same color in raid. This would prevent so many friendly fire situations since all bears and usecs look pretty much the same when geared up.

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9 minutes ago, makkezor said:


The arm band has been said hundreds of times, even devs confirmed. Can't say anything about the desync.

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Dear @makkezor,

Welcome to the forum!
It's sad indeed playing when desync is playing a bad role on the game. I please you to aknowledge that the developers are constantly hard on fixing the issue. Most of the time the desync happens not because of the poor server quality. It's just that the continuos error thrown gives this issue. Don't forget that the game is still in beta as you already know and the Developer team is making their best to provide with the upcoming Open Beta release, the best multiplayer gaming experience. Take in consideration the good of the game as well. I am sure you do. At the same time, developers are more than happy to read sweet words as well :)

About your mates indetification, armbands are already on the way and they will be coming soon as well! :)

Pleas be patient.


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