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Dual monitor and Tier system


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I have an idea for the dual monitor support or possible companion app. I think we should have the ability to look at 3-5 tabs with a customized tab that you can edit on your second screen or phone, and also place a keybinding to switch through pages(for monitor). A tab with all of your status effects and health levels would be important for in raid healing times. It could also include further explanations on what your injuries are and their status(e.g. R. Leg: Bullet wound, deep, will be infected if untreated [time till limb loss:*:** ). OFF TOPIC a med book on how to heal certain wounds for newbies would be nice too. On the other tabs you could have a map and compass, with your saved markers. On the other tab you could have missions and notes that you can make yourself like a journal page. On the last set page you could have Raid timers, you're current accuracy, near deaths, critical hits to you, shots fired, exp earned so far, and even levels that you can favourite(in case you have one in particular you're trying to level up). The other 2 pages could be extra notes and trade status or market, maybe you want to have your inventory up the whole time. If you think this is a good idea, or if theres any little ideas to make this better please comment.

thank you for reading my idea for Escape from Tarkov.
Happy Hunting!

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