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Scav concept Idea


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I get frustrated a lot when i spawn in for the fourth time in a row with a toz. Thats just me. But heres an idea that could potentially make things interesting. Scav leveling. Of course you can level the stats but what about scav gear. Say you start out with a toz and kill a few players or gtab a lot of gear, level up the backpack you get and maybe start with a better gun. I think the cap for the scav level ends with lvl 1 armor, scav backpack and an ak. But thats a lot of killing. Scav levels reset after 3 weeks so its not just super strong scavs every where. Add on to whatever you guys think might help

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So what i am hearing you saying is kinda like ''gungame'' in various other games out there, i like the idea of earning better gear over time on your scav, but that lead me to think, what if you could choose to keep stuff you find on your scav and use it on nest unlock after cooldown, say i go in with whatever, find / kill and grab an AK from a PMC, i choose to let my scav keep it and next time i get a geared guy with.. say an M4, now i would like my own PMC to have that so i choose to pick it into my inventory, then my scav resets with a new random set. 
Something along those lines would be cool i think, however i dont know if that can be done in all the coding and so on, but the thought is there.

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While I don't like the toz, scavs are good without a permanent leveling system.  They are usually a challenge (disadvantaged) and I am happy to get a pistol or band aid.  That desperation when you need a bandage.. lol

Fun stuff.

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