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Spectate Mode for Team members

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Groups already have a advantage, now they need the ability to ghost other players and relay information to their group? LOL please no normal spectator mode.

If a spectator mode is to be added, there needs to be a massive delay for the spectator and only give the spectator the same first person view their teammates have.

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I understand both sides, I also wish often to see the screen of my friend after dying, or just him to see mine because I'm showing him how to, as I'm little more experienced than him.. but in the end I agree this would be a huge advantage to have another eyes seeing, a ghost guidance, it doesn't seems much but it is, is huge advantage, talking from experiece that we many times helped each other to win even dead in other games. So, I don't want it even I wish to see.

In any case, as commented below a delay would be the only way to do that and maybe content both sides, at least 30 sec, otherwise is still a good help.


Using some kind of stream, it would be as in voice chat programs. 2 nights ago I killed a player with inaccessible gear for me, I managed to approach and surprise him, he was thinking is the last man on map, I felt like a true survivor, when I was looting him I thought WTF I win the lottery here,( the best helmet I saw streamers have, an M4A1 ultra modded, and much more ) then I get killed because of his buddy gets warned after dead by chat voice, I'm sure of this because nobody else was in the area, I did my job well exploring, and he didn't come stealth, he comes running like 1 minute later so he was totally away form there and knew where to come, at the time a hear his approach and turn he killed me.


That things unfair in a game like this, as spectator mode would be.

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