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This topic is intended for a literary description of the events that occur with your character in the game. You can either describe exactly the events that the gamemaster gave you, and if you do not want to disclose some secrets, make a general description of the weather, nature, reflections, dreams at halt, etc. But one condition is mandatory. Each event should have a description in this thread.

The player does the description of the move only after in the "Events" topic the gamemaster will describe what happened to you during the move.

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  • 1 month later...

Wake up at 7 AM.

Go to AR-01, scout around.

Move to AQ-01, look for loot.


Move to AP-01, look for loot.

Move back to AR-01 via AQ-01, scout before exiting

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Please use this as an example of how to post your game moves.



GROUP NAME: Highrise Corp 

Action: Continue to search nearby area


As I searched through the boxes and the rain started to fall heavily, beating against my exposed head, sending a shiver down my spine. Suddenly there was a clinking of cans against each other just outside where I was scavenging, I spun round and watched the entrance of the destroyed building, hopefully they hadn't heard me....

I then heard it, footsteps, and within a second a man had came running through the doorway, trying to get away from the rain. 

"Freeze!" I yelled, trying to create the illusion that I was armed, I held my hand slightly behind my back, as if holding onto a holstered pistol.

"Woah! I'm unarmed, don't shoot!" The mysterious man shouted, trying to be heard over the rain.

"Okay, okay.." I trusted this man, he seemed as lost as I was, unarmed too.

Through some talking, I discovered his name was Agnisekhar and he was on his own too, trying to find a gun or at least some food to survive the nights, he seemed friendly enough, but I'm not going to trust him to watch my back just yet, he could run off like that official did, or even worse, kill me. 

My stomach starting rumbling, which meant time to eat! When I opened my backpack, my stomach dropped. I had managed to eat through 5 of my 10 packages already! I needed food, and fast. 

We decided to split up and search the nearby buildings as I hadn't quite gone through them all yet, Agnisekhar took the houses and ruined buildings that remained and I opted to search the storage unit, we agreed to meet back up at the unit afterwards to plan our next moves, and share any supplies we had found, if any at all...

We needed these supplies if we were going to survive Tarkov.



  • You must post both here and set your move on the game panel. (Failure to do so will result in a non-move turn).
  • I need your Group name, Action and a description.
  • Do not put your co-ordinates in your post.
  • If you have multiple members of the group, you must all post following the format. See Game-1 for examples. 
  • Do not say "I found food" or "I shot a man" these should be left open ended, such as "I begin to search the house for supplies". All combat will be done during encounters and controlled by the GM. Loot rolls will be calculated by the GM as well. 
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GROUP NAME: Lonely Scavengers
ACTION: Moving and searching useful items and food from AR-01 to AR-02

I woke up wet, hungry and without any idea of what I was doing there. My stomach was grumbling, but unfortunately all I had in my pockets were breadcrumbs. It wasn't raining, but clouds were still here, darkening the sky and making difficult to say what time of day was.

A distant howling of a wolf pushed me to get up and walk around in the forest. I couldn't remember what happened before fainting, but now the priority was to find some food and a warm place. I tried to follow a path made of leaves and puddles, maybe for some minutes or maybe for even an hour. The cold was beginning to shake my muscles, but there I saw a shack among the trees, almost completely destroyed, but still able to offer refuge.

I was building a little campfire to warm me up when I saw a little-bloodstained bag in a corner of the only still standing room, with some cans rolled out near. My eyes twinkled like a bear in front of a helpless prey. I took the bigger one, opened with my nails and ate it so fast near the fire. After recovering some energy and dried my clothes I searched for something useful in the only still standing room of the shack, then I walked out of it. I didn't know where to go, but my gut told me to follow the previous path, towards what seemed to be the end of the forest.

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GROUP NAME: Endeavor

Action: Search nearby area


The flicking open, sparking, and closing of a Zippo proceeds the arrival of an unassuming brown haired man through the trees. Stepping out of the treeline, the man sniffs the air. Looking towards the skyscrapers of Tarkov, he smirks slightly, before saying "Interesting..." The man steps back into the treeline, and the sound of the Zippo clacking fades into the distance.


I put the Zippo away, my nerves starting to die down. Opening my backpack, I begin munching on one of my packed meals, the box of ammo within rattling slightly at the disturbance. Walking towards the edges of the city, I start looking for buildings set apart from the rest that look at least a tiny bit untouched. Finally finishing the packed meal, I once more walk along the outskirts of the city, attempting to use the trees and greenery as concealment.

Now, as to where Riley is... I thought, treading towards what looks like suburbs. USEC encampments, USEC members... where would they be? Need to get the lay of the land first. And find some equipment... I break off two sturdy branches of a tree (about half a meter long each) as I go along, putting them into my backpack.

Turning a corner along a barely cut trail through the forest, I see fresh footprints in the mud.

Big tread, deeply indented... a large man. Following the tracks for a while, I eventually hear branches snapping and the faint curses of a deep voice as a branch thwacks into flesh. "мудак." Unbuckling the strap over my holster, I creep to the edge of a clearing, seeing a large Slavic man rubbing at a bruise on his left arm.

As soon as I see him, a twig snaps under my foot. In a blur of movement, a pistol, the same one I have, is pointing in my direction.

"покажи себя!" rumbles the deep voice of the man. At a lack of response, he yells out in English with a weird mix of eastern European accents, "Show yourself!".

Stepping out of the treeline, I keep my hands raised. "I mean no trouble, comrade. Why, uh... why don't you point that somewhere else?"

When he notices the pistol on my hip, the buckle hanging loose, he gestures towards it with one hand, the other still holding the pistol steady on me.

"Drop gun. Now."

"You know I can't do that, comrade."

"Now," he says, once more holding the pistol towards me with both hands.

Sighing, I grasp the pistol with my forefingers and toss it lightly towards him. It lands about 2 meters in front of him, and I hope he falls for the trick.

"Now turn around," he rumbles. Damnit I think. He knows what he's doing. A professional. Maybe someone who could help find my brother...? If I survive this encounter.

Making sure I'm turned around and can't rush him while he's bent over picking up the pistol, he secures it before telling me to face him. He just looks at me. I look back.

"So, uh, now what?" I say, looking towards him with a slight smirk on my face.

"I don't like your attitude. But now we move," he rumbles.

"Move where?"

"Towards city. Towards answers."

Well, that's not frightening at all....

After a while of walking, the sounds of breaking twigs and bird chirps the only noise, I finally get bored with the silence.

"So. What's your story?" I ask him as he marches along behind me, the gun still out and pointed at my back.

"Is long," he tells me.

"Well," I say, looking around at the dense greenery, "seems to me we have time."

We begin to talk about ourselves. When I tell him my name, he tells me his; Kiril. He is here for his country, and I am here for my brother.

The conversation finally dies down as we reach the ends of what we will reveal to strangers, and we begin to walk once more in silence.


At the sound of branches snapping independently from our movement, I look over towards Kiril.

"Kiril. If those sounds aren't friendly, you're going to want me, with my gun, backing you up," I say.

He sighs. Looks me in the eyes, and says "Fine. But if you kill me, I take you with me."

"Deal," I say as he tosses my gun back to me. "Thanks comrade."

"This not mean trust," he rumbles as we move off towards the sounds, our pistols in our hands.

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GROUP NAME: The Predators

Actions: Search and recon nearby areas


Making my way through the streets of Tarkov, I head towards my target area to possibly find something worth of taking that will benefit me on my efforts to escaping. I don't want to meet anyone out there who wants to kill me and have nothing to defend myself with except a knife. I tread lightly when traversing the streets, trying to be as tactical as possible, looking down every road way and alley. Nothing so far, so good. I walk passed a car that's on fire. It stinks of burning flesh and hair. I feel bad for that poor soul, but I keep going. On the way I notice there is a little shack that has not been disturbed yet, at least that's how it looks. I brave my way in that direction, hoping that something of use will be there. I creep silently keeping my head on a swivel, just so I cannot be surprised by anyone. I make it to the door of the tattered shack; doors locked. I use my knife to try to pry it open and luckily enough I was successful. Thank god. I enter cautiously and there is a desk and a couch in the shack. A couple jackets hanging but that's it. I rummage through the jackets first, trying to find any food. There is nothing of use. I go through the desk drawers and still do not find anything, this is not my day. I exit the shack and continue my journey to make it, keeping the same tactics as last time. Hopefully this will keep me alive long enough to make it there. One hour later I finally make it to the location just to find that it looks as if someone is already here, or has been here. Lucky me, I think to my self sarcastically. I decide, selfishly, to search the place anyway just in case. There is a staircase up to another level in the building with some crates lining the walls, with a separate room in the corner. The bottom level has a few cubicles taking up the entirety of the building.


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Actions: search the nearby sector of AR-02.


making my way over to the next sector i feel very scared as i have no way to defend myself but i know there is buildings over there and they could house some weapons and food and water if im lucky hopefully there will not be any hostiles at the location and hopefully there will be stuff to pick up im very shaken by the nature of this place as ive heard the stories about what goes on inside here and being on my own does not help either i notice 3 buildings next to each other and one that looks like it is under construction as i enter the first building i see what looks like a storage crate with the top off i head over to it and start searching the inside of it i managed to find a small knife and slight crack of a twig is heard outside and i rush to what looks like a wardrobe and hide inside about 2 minutes after and big hairy man enters the building with what looks like a pistol in his holster i decide it is best for me to stay inside the wardrobe and hope for the best.

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Group name : Markers 

Action : Search the nearby sector BC-18 

Description :

Ib awoke, hearing nothing but his own thoughts, this part of the city was deathly quiet. More than he would like it to be. Slowly, he rose, grabbed his weapon, and set out. He decided to move south-west, towards the first buildings he saw. As he approached the first building, very faintly in the distance, he heard a few gunshots. He wasnt surprised as much as he once was. Slight noises like that are par for the course nowadays. He entered the first building a closely surveyed his surroundings. Reluctantly, he called out. "Hello?" His voice echoed through the silence. He continued to walk aimlessly around the buildings a little, just checking all angles. Once he was mostly sure the coast was clear he moved in, again checking his surroundings.  Eventually, he begain to search. As he normally was he tried to be as thorough as possible, turning over chunks of rubble, searching most every drawer, looking high and low. 

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GROUP NAME: The Keepers

Action: Scout a nearby area and Scavenge for items


Willie took the Makarov from the shady looking man and slide the magazine out checking for ammo.  He had never handled a Makarov before, but he was very familiar with the Walther PPK/s of which he owned back home, he noted they were very similar but very different Magazine release mechanisms. 

"Really? Not even one round?" Willie directed at the trader.

"One round? Sure, how much more cash do you have?" He responded. 

Willie was already short on the foreign currency after buying some other necessities. He took out the remaining money and placed it on the table.

"How much can this get me?" Willie Inquired.

The trader sighed and placed a small hand full of rounds to the side. Willie's mouth dropped open "That's it?!". The trader shrugged.  Wilie grabbed the rounds and headed out without looking back. "Come back soon!" The trader yelled, Willie ignored him.

Willie had already heard horror stories from passing refugees and other people in the camp he was at, and with a single handgun and a few token rounds he wasn't going to be much in a fight but he can't stay here and expect to survive so he headed out looking for something more.  He used the trees and ditches to mask his movements as he traversed the forest when he came across of group of buildings. Hesitant to leave his cover and across the open to the buildings despite not having spotted anyone thus far, or at least he had seen, he examined the pistol in his hand and slightly pulled the slide back to examine the round inside the chamber making sure he was ready if he need to be in a pinch. 

Satisfied with his preparation, Willie got up into a couch and traversed the field finally coming to rest against the side of a Conex trailer that looked like it had seen better days. Approaching the corner he looked beyond and saw that appeared to a site for a new construction of a building, there was a foundation already laid out and stacks of construction material. Willie slid into the trailer to examine it's contents looking to see if anything had been left behind.  During his search, Willie started to feel the aches and pains of his trip "all that crouching and running he thought to himself".  He took a bite from one of the rations, and decided he would rest a bit before exploring the rest of the site.  As Dusk arrived he headed back to the trailer where he decided to rest his head for the night, it wasn't going to be the Ritz, but it'll do.


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GROUP NAME: The Keepers

Action: Scout a nearby area and Scavenge for items


Willie fingered the cartridge in his pocket as he walked north. 

"I sure hope I don't need this" He thought to himself.  The sounds of the forest were quite calming, but deceptively so as they were interrupted by sporadic gunfire bringing him back into the fold of reality of the situation.  The Makarov's grip grew sweaty in his hands as he gripped it tightly coming to a group of buildings up ahead, most of the gunfire he had heard thus far had been originating from the north and east, so he thought to be on his best as he ventured into the unknown.

At first he thought it just another pile of rubbish, like the man he had seen before, however as he grew closer he saw that the backpack and clothing were actually that of a man, or what was left of him.  Willie's pulse quickend "Signs of violence" he thought as he shifted his look behind him and suddenly a little more paranoid.  Willie took a knee behind a tree and gathered his thoughts, training kicked in instinctively. "Establish security" as he brought his pistol to the low ready and headed in the direction of the body using cover, ready to engage anything that might stop him.

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Action: Scout a nearby area and Look for Items

DESCRIPTION: Walking around the forest, Tarmo was less than pleased. First off, apparently his local shop run out of magazines for a pistol... A PISTOL MAG FOR GOD SAKES! Second, they ran out of FAK. And the best part? He's forced to walk across the forest and hope to stumble into some war-torn house and possibly find ALL of these supplies. But hey, if he survived as long as he did, then karma may still be gentle with his sanity.

Looking at his Makarov, he noted pistols quality. You would think buying from a shady merchant guy would result in getting a malfunctioning PM that is basically IED. But luckily, so far pistol seems good state, if not excellent. "Now if I only could find a magazine for the cartridges..." He muttered to himself. Vaulting over the log, Tarmo noticed some sort of structure in this thick forest, though he struggled to confirm his suspicion.

Upon arriving at the location, he saw two shacks, which seemed to be abandoned while ago. Cautiously walking into the shack, he noted how someone was already here, maybe for shelter? Who cares really? It just means I can finally find something. Tarmo thought to himself. While there wasn't much to search, there still were some metal cabinets, coats and apparently sports bag to check out. He would carefully walk to the cabinets, getting little paranoid about being ambushed as he's about to f***ing find the stuff he needs.


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Group name: Loner
Action: Move to area and search for anything useful

Hornet moved low and quickly through the forest, heading towards a road he had spotted in the distance. His goal was to hopefully find something to defend his life with, but food and drink wouldnt be so bad either. Avoiding any particular slippy or steep slopes, he eventually reached the roads, giving it a once over with his eyes before moving to the nearby buildings.


He looked over the area, making sure to the best of his abilities that he was alone before skirting the edge of one of the buildings. Allowing his hand to drift close to his newly purchased Bars knife, he peaked through a window before attempting to enter a building that looked ever so slightly less ransacked. 

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Group Name: FireControl

Action: Search a friends house

Description: My friend Boris was seperated from his familly in the initial chaos of the crysis. At the camp he asked me if i could go look for a picture of his family at his home so he could post it at the lost and missing panel in the camp and said he would stay back if by any miracle they found theyr way to the camp.

I accepted without hesitation because iam worried about Boris and iam worried about his wife and child. His boy is indeed like my own. But i just hope they still live, it would destroy Boris and me.

I desided to take the shortest route to his house at the forest border. I know the are around the forest and the forest like my own palm. But at the time i was deciding, I didn't realize people decended into savagery and killing each other. 

I came close to his house hiding at the outskirts of the forest behind a thick pine. I looked over to the house which was about 50M away from me and the fence about 30M. The fence is made out of wooden planks without a sharp head, easy enough to climb over. At the moment i desided to move to jump over i see 3Grown men coming around the corner from the neighbours house. It is too late, I already moved out from the cover of the pine but they don't seem to notice me right away. I decide to lye down. It seems like they are making a smoke break at the road. Propably waiting on someone or something. Not knowing what to do i wait, for dusk is coming close and soon darknes descends.


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Group Name: Task Force 1

Action: move to city to search for supplies

Description: after searching the backpack and finding the meds i look around and decide that its time to move into he city and try to find some better things to help me along my journey. The gunshots to the east have since stopped and the silence is piercing. i make sure that no one is following me and head towards the city using the under brush as concealment from any passers by, friendly or otherwise.

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Group Name: Laughing coffin

Action: Move to city and search the area

Description: I wake up in the early morning and decide it is for the best that I move on. I begin to make my way through the dense forest towards the city I have been attempting to reach for the past few days, "I should reach the city by mid day" I think to myself, it would be wise to search the area for supplies once I arrive and maybe set up camp. I continue to travel with the morning sun shining on my not so shaven face all the while thinking of how much I hate this place. Having to scavenge for scraps, ridiculous, no man should have to stoop to the level I am at now. As I continue to lament I reach the outskirts of the city and pick a nice spot to begin my search for supplies.

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Action: Move to the forest and find "anything useful" (Search the area)

DESCRIPTION: Waking up in the morning from the (concerningly) quite realistic dream, the lone Rook started to make his way to the forest after setting up. He's already quite limited in supplies and the last thing he needs is to get into a fight without being prepared. "How they didn't have any magazines for Makarov, I will never know," Tarmo mutters, "but I guess will work with what I have."

Entering the thick forest, Tarmo stopped in his tracks, scouting his surroundings. "Now... Where to start..." Walking cautiously walking around the trees, he notices what seems to be an abandoned hunting camp. Entering the camp, he noted hunting shacks good condition. And by "good condition", he means "decent condition for war-torn shack". Not seeing anything interesting to search, he enters the shack. And upon entering the building, Tarmo is met with what most would describe "hellscape".

Despite that though, there were many things to search out: cabinets, clothes and even one crate, which seemed to be looted. While it's unlikely to find anything of "quality", he would bet that he WILL find something. Well, time to get started. Tarmo thought to himself, starting with the cabinets.

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GROUP NAME: Endeavor

Action: search nearby area


With unknown to me man, James, at my back and potential threat ahead, I've decided to give him back his pistol and do my best to survive the upcoming encounter. What we both didn't know was that somebody was already behind us.

Everything happend in seconds, James took all the attention on him from the beginning, I've hid myself in the bushes next to him to surprise the rest of the scavengers. James and the thug were fighting heavily, both struggling to kill each other, James was shot in the stomach area... He was still fighting regardless of being shot, I knew I had to help him but I couldn't just ran out and expose both of us. I knew he can handle it, he looks like a guy familiar with this job.

Seconds passed, James was losing the fight but I had to resist helping him for a greater oportunity, then I saw James desperately looking at me, I knew this look, he was seeking for a help from me, I knew I had to react.

I couldn't see the 2 scavs well enough through the thick trees and bushes but I could generally see a movement in the direction I was looking. I've shot twice and heard a screaming from pain, one was hit, now that they know there's a shooter nearby, their attention is on me, James is fine, for as long as he keeps this bastard on the ground long enough to let me finish off the job with these 2 advancing on me.

The scavs were closing in very fast on me, because of the thick bushes I was in I couldn't see anything, I could only hear footsteps. And then I hear gunshots on my left, 2 rounds fired, that better not be James.

I looked at him, turns out it was him but, he was not hit, the scav he was fighting with was disarmed by him and he pulled the trigger twice on the scavs that were advancing on me, while looking at him I've heard a short and very weak *hmpf* just outside my bush. One of the scavs just straight went into my bush, I've panicked and shot 2 rounds on him but turns out he was already shot in the neck and he just fell down on my bush. The 2nd scav charged at me with a knife.

I've rolled out of the bush, aimed at the scav and fired off 2 rounds at center of the mass, the bullets hit him and he falls down to the ground with his knife still in his hands, I thought he had enough but a second later that bastard tried to get up. I've pointed my gun at him and shot him straight in his face, his blood splattered on my face but he was dead now, for sure.

The last scav who survived tried to ran away, I couldn't let him do that... but that thick tree line and many bushes were not helping, regardless I've decided to fire 2 more rounds, I've missed obviously but it was worth a try.

With our first foes dead, their bodies searched and the fireplace aswell, we've decided to move deeper into the city outskirts to find houses, garages, anything that could potentialy have something useful.

I think I'm going to trust James... for now.

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(Writing this on a phone so sorry if rip formatting)

I can already see Kiril listening intently to the Russian chatter on the other side of the bushes, mirroring my pose of crouching down with pistols held out.

"What are they saying, Kiril?" I say in a low voice.

He gestures me down as he listens some more.

I creep up a bit to peer through the bushes, making out two men sitting on some logs around an empty firepit, one of them crunching his way through an MRE while the other talks to him. The next thing I notice is the TT pistol hanging at the talking ones hips.

Kiril grabs my shoulder and pulls me back a bit.

"They are talking about last group they found and killed. They sound like evil men," he said, an expression of disgust twisting his face.

"Fine then. Let's take them. We need their supplies and it doesn't sound like they deserve any mercy from anyone." Acting on my words, I creep up a bit once more and hold my pistol on the one with the TT on the farther side of the camp.

I feel Kiril creeping up beside me and give him a nod.

Starting a countdown, he takes aim at the one closer.

3... 2... 

A voice in broken English rings out from behind us, "Stop! Stop! Or I shoot!"

Instantly, I turn around and rush the voic. Kiril drops flat next to me.

This crusty-looking man is farther back than I thought he would be - and as I rush him, his pistol goes off. I feel a rabbit punch above my sternum and liquid begins to drip down my front and back.

I stumble, but it's close enough to the man that I half fall into, half tackle him to the ground, his pistol trapped between us.

As we begin to struggle over it, I shoot a desperate glance back to Kiril, seeing the two men who were at the campsite peek over the edges of the bushes that he's hiding under - the one with the TT preparing to fire upon me.

As he struggles to draw a bead on our wrestling forms, I flip around to the other side of the man I'm fighting with, putting his body between the shooter and I. 

With a roar and the report of his pistol, Kiril pounces on the scavs standing above him. In the surprise of the second, he miscalculates slightly, and the two shots barely go wide.

As the man I'm wrestling with looks over his shoulder to see where the shots came from, I hit the mag release on his pistol, which is ejected onto the ground. I kick it with a foot away into a cluster of leaves.

In the same move, I push him away from me and draw my pistol, pulling the trigger twice at the scav wielding the pistol. 

The two clouds or crimson are all the news I need as I spin back around, firing at the sca I was wrestling with.

He grabs his magazine and begins to fire behind his back as he runs off into the woods, the sharp retort of Kiril's pistol behind me ending the last ones life.

I saw against a tree, the adrenaline wearing off, my gut wound a strange mix of a burning and a sense of numbness.

I pull out my first aid kit and slam my med cartridge into my stomach. The pain dies away into a throbbing and the bleeding coagulates instantly.

"You hurt any, comrade?"

"No. We need to leave. Check the bodies and we go."

Grabbing all the supplies and gear, we quickly head off back into the forest.


The city was a big place.

Picking our way into what looked like a commercial district, we turned down into a refuse laden alley. 

Back doors of businesses lined the alleyway. 

I glanced over at Kiril. "Good anplaceas any to look for food and meds. I'll take the left and you take the right?"

"Sounds good," he rumbled as we began testing doorknobs.

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Group name: FirceControl

Action: Move to location

Desctription: Luckly the three men didn't notice me at all so i proceed into the house, i manage to find some small rations a knive and the picture i was after. After i got the picture i looked out a window down west where the camp was afraid of somebody maybe following me or nother group aproaching. I decide to go down south makig a detour through the neighbourhood.

I swiftly move out the back door into the backyard. I again climb over the fence. I end up in a small alley that connects the other houses. i move further down south through the small alleys till i make it to the main road. On the main road i turn now west back out from the neighbourhood. I see a hole in a fence that borders the outkirts of the forest. Idecide to go through the hole back into the forest, hopefully nobody noticed me.

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Group Name: Loner
Action: Move to location and continue to try to acquire something better

Hornet counted both his luck and his lack thereof, the weight of the medical kit and the contusion on his chest gave him a harsh reminder that the world can be fickle with its favor as he left the building carefully. There was no guarantee that no one heard him charge the door. Whilst attempting to keep his careful movement, he sped up his movement, turning south, further into the destroyed urban environment before him. After a decent bit of travel, he was sure that no one would have been able to follow him this far, if they had indeed been able to track him, and decided to try his luck again with another building that lied in front of him. "Lets see if I can leave with a smile, instead of a bruise" He muttered to himself, as his shoulder twinged. 

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Group Name: Laughing Coffin

Action: Move to location and scavenge for supplies


Description: Annoyed with myself for losing my cool I walk outside "It could be worse" I thought to myself. I mean after all I did find this hefty looking med-kit I could have come out with nothing. Realizing that this portion of the city has most likely been picked clean I decide to travel deeper into the city. I move in the shadows, through alleyways, down dark passages; I know this may take longer than just following the streets but I would rather get to my destination in one piece rather than quickly. It's times like these that make me glad I became a scout sniper, stealth has become second nature to me. As I travel through the city I finally find a building that seems promising. I enter careful to check for booby traps at the entrance, once inside I tie a string along the length of the door attached to a light metal object so that if anyone enters behind me the object will fall, alerting me to the intruders presence. Proud of my handiwork I begin to scavenge for supplies.

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GROUP NAME: Dauntless

Action: Continue to search the nearby area to scavenge supplies and information


Just woke up from inside my car which is off the freeway into the forest. I decided to get out of the car and notice that I only have a little food, and a sidearm for what reason I do not know why. I decided to head East to where I notice there is smoke in the sky from either a car crash or forest fire.

I decided to search for anything useful on the way while staying out of sight since I am not sure the state of things. In regards to the main road I decided to travel south of it so I can eventually hit main freeway intersection. 

This journey has let me to three abandon building near the east of the freeway, and where I take notice of figures walking around and leaving the area. I decided to not give my position away, and only move under the light of the moon to scavenge for any supplies they may have here.

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Group Name: Endeavor

Action: Search nearby area

"How the hell did this even happen?"

Looking down at Kiril lying on the ground, I can see his face grimacing in pain.

"Just... get me out of here," Kiril seethes.

"Yeah, no problemo comrade."

I bend down and lift up the beam with his help, creating enough of a gap that he can slip his leg out. He quickly checks it over, grunts, and stands up without saying anything. As he gingerly walks back down the stairs, I look around the room I'm in. 

Now, what the hell is that...


Leaving the building, I go to where Kiril is leaning against the alley wall.

"You doing okay? That looked painful," I say, giving him a quick glance over.

"Da. Will be fine."

I look at him, unconvinced.

"We should move," he rumbles, beginning to stride off towards the other end of the alley with the slightest of limps.

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