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What settings should I adjust for better shooting capabilities?


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Okay, call me a noob(I'm level around 10 anyway) if you wish but I'm sick of getting sniped from bushes and its friends. Could anyone please tell me what settings should I change to get overall more visibility and smoother gunplay? I'm playing on high graphs. Just turned off the headbobbing, tuned up the FOV and it's way way better but I'm wondering if there is any other things such as this or if lowering graphics helps with visibility.

Thanks for the answers. :)

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Try adjusting the "Digital Vibrance" from your video card settings...There are no other ways to see/being spotted by enemies if not just by running more safely :)
It's just the beginning. Enjoy the game and you will get used to the graphic and mechanics of the game!

Happy raids! 

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