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Please create Level 50, 75, and Level 100(max) with trader benefits


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Hi developers I would greatly suggest for you guys to create benefits and rewards for gaining level 50, level 75, and level 100,. There should be some items too rare to buy even at level 4 traders.  That way people that have gained all the money they can want, and all the traders maxed out, and  completed all the quests would STILL have future goals ahead of them to complete.  And this is for the true hardcore Tarkov players that play more than 40 hrs a week..... And because I'm sure we're all going to be past level 40 at some time and I'm sure that we're all gonna have millions of dollars and multi millions of rubles and have all the quests completed, and not really have a reason to go in the raids anymore besides for fun obviously...... So I really suggest  rewards and benefits for gaining level 50, level 75 and level a 100 because I know I will be playing this game for more than a couple years, and I want to always have some type of goal/task or mission to complete.... Love you guys at Battle state. You guys really make Triple A developers look lazy and mediocre....#LongLiveTarkov

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I feel this would also prolong early game during a wipe especially for those already quite experienced and used to the game. Currently when a wipe happens it's frequently possible that some people can already max out a trader or two in a around week and half or two weeks or so (or shorter if they no-life it).

I do see there being a level rework at some point especially with traders so we could even see lvl 4 reputation being for truly high levels and its different per trader, for example Prapor could be the lowest at 40 for max trader rep yet someone like Mechanic or Peacekeeper could be 60-75?

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