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Kills not couting.


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Love the game. Looking forward to improvements.

I have noticed what I think is a bug. I have killed multiple people on maps and they are not showing up as kills.

I just hatchet'd two people on factory and 1 of them showed up in the kill log.

Before that was 2 pmcs and 1 scav on shoreline and zero of them showed up on stats nor did it count towards my usec kill quest.

I'm not sure how to show proof of these or make it repeatable. 

Hope this helps.



*EDIT - just found the bug support thing, submitted it there... still curious if this is just me

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Playing with a friend. I hit PMC with hatchet. Friend Kills PMS with his hatchet. I get the kill at the end of the match. Is it possible that first hits/most damage are getting the credit?


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I'm starting to think killshots by headshot are not registering at all. Can anyone confirm this? 


I hit someone in the body, and my friend headshots him, I get the kill.

I kill by headshot, first hit. No one gets the kill.

I light someone up and kill by bodyshot, I get the kill. 

Does anyone have headshot kills showing up in the stats screen?



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17 hours ago, hatotchiiiks said:

I got the same problem, if i hit bot with my hatchet and he bleed out kill doesnt count.


5 hours ago, Xenaxe said:

I get the same thing while playing Solo, had a 6 scav kill game but only 2 showed up on the log, same for PMCS not showing at all.


5 hours ago, Panwow said:

same here first kill with glock doesnt count . Headshotet him but nothing apperead at the end


5 hours ago, Hellinabarrel said:

same. However none of mine we're melee


3 hours ago, Toenado said:

This is also happening to me randomly, both with weapon and melee


2 hours ago, JWiley said:

Another Example:

I get a body/arm/leg shot first, then kill by headshot - I get the kill / it shows up


21 minutes ago, Crystalino said:

Same problem here!


6 minutes ago, Vaismanen said:

Aye, got the same problem here. Messed up my Punisher part III partly because of this :/

Guys it appears your all having the same problem please submit a BUG Report the more of you who report it the more the Dev's will take notice and FIX. 

Without your reports it will remain as a bug / glitch in the game:

Report BUGS: How To: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/7292-report-bugs-how-to/


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