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Refill Magazines in Combat (Time to need)

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Hi Folks,

here my idea for refilling the magazines in Combat and how much it will take


Filling a magazine of 30 or 60 shots under martial conditions under a minute ... that's just impossible

30 rounds at 1min (from 0 to 30)
60 rounds at 2min (from 0 to 60)

For this one would have to factor in certain factors:

Standig arts:
- Standing = normal time * factor 0.15;
- Knied = normal time * factor 0;
- Lying = normal time * factor 0.25

With injuries
- arms injured = standing art * factor 0.25;
- Broken = standing art * Factor 0,5;
- Destroyed = standing art * Factor 1
In the following scenario would look like this
PMC kneels and is not injured: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1min
PMC kneels and hurts his arms: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 1,25min
PMC is lying and one arm black: 30 shots from 0 to 30 in 2,5min


Hope this idea finds enough attention 

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It has been said a lot of times, devs even said that refiling mags will have an animation (!). Although your ,,factor'' suggestion is cool.

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