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Armor, values and tiers + new Armor Idea

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//Armor tiers//

At the moment there are only 4 tiers of armor (Tier 2; 3; 4; 5) and for me atleast the tiers dont make any sense. There is no tier 3 and 4 Body armor , there are 2 tier 4 helmets and 2 tier 2 body armor. Also at the moment there is no tier 1 armor. I think, that There should be helmet and body armor for each tier.

Tier 1: Workers Helmet (Should be added), Yellow Vest (Should be added)

Tier 2: 3M, Kolpak

Tier 3: PACA, Kiver-M

Tier 4: UN Body armor (Should be added), 6B47 (UN Helmet armor)

Tier 5: 6B43 6A (Fort Armor); Fast MT helmet

I think that PACA needs to be made tier 3 armor since theres no point of 2 tier 2 body armor and Fast MT should be tier 5 so it would go together with fort.

//HP- Hit points/Health points//

//Tier 1: Workers Helmet//

In Factory, In Shoreline (At the Pier) and probaby a lot more else there are grey Workers Helmets on the ground. They could be made as tier 1 armor, only protects against 1 hatchet hit to the head or 1 bullet that doesnt penetrate tier 1, has 5 HP and disappears after destroyed, would cost only 2000 RUB, could buy it from Prapor Trust LVL 1. They should be made yellow and you could be able to pick them up from the ground if you find one, so they could spawn every so often.

//Tier 1: Yellow Vest//

Construction site workers IRL wear Yellow Vests. Since Tier 1 helmet would be workers helmet, then staying on the theme of workers i think, that tier 1 body armor should be Yellow Vest. It would only protect against 2 hatchet hits or 2 bullets that dont penetrate tier 1, it would have 5 or 10 HP and would only cost 3500 RUB, Skier Trust LVL 1 would sell it. Since it would be a light reflective Vest it would be bright in day and night.

//Tier 4: UN Body armor, UN Helmet armor//

Since recently there was Added the 6B47 Helmet and i think it looks like the helmet that UN guards are wearing in the loading screen it should be renamed UN Helmet and have UN written on the front of it. Also, there should be added the UN Body Armor that the UN guards in the loading screen are wearing. They both would have 30 HP and be tier 4. I think that Prapor tier 4 and Peacekeeper tier 3 would sell the UN body armor, Prapor - for 45 000 RUB, Peacekeeper - for 500 USD.

//Durrability, HP of the armor//

I think that the HP of the same armor tier should be around the same value. So this is how i think the HP of armor should be.

Tier 1: Workers Helmet (5HP), Yellow vest (10HP)

Tier 2: 3M (25HP), Kolpak (25HP)

Tier 3: PACA (45HP), Kiver-M (40HP)

Tier 4: UN Body armor (30HP), UN Helmet armor (30HP)

Tier 5: Fort Armor (50HP), Fast MT helmet (All Parts together, 50HP)

These Values are mainly chosen due to how much of each Armor I use and wear, how many ammo types there are to penetrate them and the rarity of them.


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