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Game completely brakes after new update

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Hello, after the latest update I bought the Edge of Darkness edition, I played the Standard edition on my friends account for about a month and the game mostly runs smooth on Customs, Factory and Woods except Shoreline, this map completely lagged on my PC. But now with my own Account I can't play tarkov anymore, when I try to get into a Raid it lags and loads for like 10 min and when I'm in the raid it lags too. I can't play the game not even on Factory. I don't know why, my settings are the same and everything. A couple of my friends have the same problems. Why? Is it the fault of the bad servers, maybe cause of many players in the 20% discount for every version? Can someone please help me I payed 107€ and can't play the game anymore its literally unplayable for me. I tried memory cleaner and everything what can I do?

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Upgrade your computer or just wait. unfortunately there isn't much you can do except for waiting on the devs to make some optimizations and pray to god it happens soon.

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