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How many kills do I have to get for it to count?


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So, I have been going to matches on all different maps.  I get two, three four kills, gather some loot up.  I get to extract, extract!  YES!  Kill count 0.  384 EXP.  How am I supposed to level like this?  How many kills do I need?  I get Scav kills, PMC kills.  Nothing is counting.  Sometimes 1 out of 5, 2 out 4.  But never as many as I really got.  Is the netcode so bad that it can't keep track of my kills?  What is wrong?

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16 minutes ago, BandyFan said:

The last patch has a bug that not every kill will be counted.

The Devs are working on this problem.

I see nothing from the Dev's.  What makes you say, "The Devs are working on this problem."?  I see not even a moderator that has said anything.  Do they have some information in an official post some where?  On the bug tracker?  Do they even have a bug tracker?

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7 hours ago, BandyFan said:


In the beta tester forum, there were a lot of contributions to the topic. Mr_Sheep has answered here and he is a moderator.;)

Sorry for my bad English.It is not my mother language.

Yeah, I wish I could read it =(

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