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First Circle - NA/SA - Discord Community

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First Circle


(Mature / Veteran Community)

Noobs welcome


  • Who we are?


We are a unique wonderful co-operative community where you can enjoy playing wonderful games and making long lasting friendships. We started off in 2015 and growing each day to be the best gaming community that enables users to put up topics for discussion and exchange of ideas, as well as to follow many games in different types. The enjoyment of our users, accommodating new players and guiding them to everything that is unique and new is our first concern.


  • Important features in our community


The most important feature of our community is the friendliness, cooperation and teamwork of the members of our community, giving full freedom to individual players to try new adventures based on the experience of other players so that the development of values in our own community like the spirit of sports and you will learn to accept the victory of other and accept your defeat, away from intolerance and nervousness.

You will find how everyone congratulates each other on good play and how you are distinguished and appreciated when you win for your team. This community is not just a forum, but a group of communities specialized in multi-game domains and managed collectively by user voting by raising contributions with good content and reducing the ranking of contributions with bad content.

This approach to management is closer to the specialized social network of traditional forums in which we aim to build a mature gaming community in a new and different way. You can also find very important information about a certain game and its own inquiries that guide you to how to develop quickly within this game.


  • Our best achivement


One of the things that call for pride is that we are all one hand. We are always looking forward to improving each other skills by trial and error and good communications, so the more subscribers we have the more power we have, the greater our impact on games and the more opportunities we have to enjoy playing and making fast progress on games we play, so there is nothing impossible with First Circle Gaming


Our goal:

  •         Attract fresh players to our society and introduce them to our community and other players.
  •         Increase awareness of play and enthusiasm along with rapid growth within the game and spreading experience and help all other players.
  •         Playing with a handful of players around the world (South America / NA) at different ages and becoming your friends is one of the advantages of playing through our community.
  •         Have fun and have a good time




Join us!

Please, take a look at the welcome channel first!

Discord Server Invitation




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