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What's up with the sound in this game?


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Is the ability to hear people moving in buildings/houses from a far distance intended or bugged?  I understand hearing footsteps or looting if your in the same building like the health resort. However I've noticed sometimes I can hear people inside a house while I'm a decent distance away and outside. Almost like walls don't mask footstep sounds. Is this intended or a known bug?  Thanks. 

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The sound is a HUGE problem in the game.  There is a LOT of work needed.  I will say that from what I have read the Dev's are aware of it and they are working for a bunch of fixes.  It is definitely not what the dev's intended.  They really need to invest in a good sound engine as the one for Unity is just garbage.  They are upgrading to the new version of Unity soon™ so that "might" help.

You can't tell up from down on sounds.  You can't tell if something is directly in front of you or directly behind you.  The game basically has basic stereo sound.

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I recently came back to Escape after 6+ months of not playing. The game has improved in more ways than I can count, the sound is the last big thing that keeps me from really diving in. I have trouble telling directions and sound goes through walls as if I'm standing next to the source of the sound.

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