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kills dosent count


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hello dev´s

sorry for my bad english 

iam at the punisher part 4 mission and the friend from the west mission i go to shorline and kill players (usec´s) after i leave the raid i have the dogtag but the kill dosent count, the same happend  few mission´s befor with scav kills some of them dosent count 

i hope you can help me



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Same here! So frustrating! Killed so much people, it really is taking away the fun right now. It feels like i'm doing it for nothing.. 


Are there any updates from the Devs that they are aware of this? I think it's a simple hotfix for them

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word has it they mush bleed befor yuo kill them not head shots/one shot one kills. They where not counting for me on propers task either till i was told that went in a shot at legs to make them bleed. Every one counted when I did that


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