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Fence and Pricing


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I find the Fence vendor completely annoying in many aspects. I've teased out why he and the concept of him moves me so.

A 'fence' can be compared to a pawn shop or thrift store. This fence, however, buys at prices that make sense but sells items at a price higher than 'retail' This makes no sense. The Fence's inventory is constantly full or clogged because it makes no sense for anyone to buy most things off him. His current value is in items that are hard to find for everyone or for armor/ammo/eq for those who are not high enough level to purchase those from another vendor.


Sell all inventory items, which are obtainable by other vendors, at lower prices. This will facilitate people buying parts and items consistently from him, which will give incentive for people to search him and put together guns piece by piece.

Example: water - Fence sells water at 1326 Roubles. The Therapist sells water at 1122 Roubles at vendor level 1 (anyone and everyone can buy it). There is very little reason someone will buy it from the fence. Water in the Fence takes up 2 inventory slots which, depending on how the inventory is displayed, is taking up room for an item that may be more important/relevant. If the Fence sold water at 1000 Roubles. People who are looking for it now have a reason to shop the Fence before The Therapist.

In my opinion that would add a level of immersion to the game and overall make Fence more enjoyable to sift through.

Keep up the great work


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24 minutes ago, JWiley said:

A 'fence' can be compared to a pawn shop or thrift store.

That's exactly what the "fence" word means. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a FENCE is:

  • a receiver of stolen goods
  • a place where stolen goods are bought
24 minutes ago, JWiley said:

sells items at a price higher than 'retail' This makes no sense.

Of course it makes sense. You are not bound by attitude, loyalty, or anything else. Keep in mind this game is far from finished, and at release, certain actions will mean that you will have no access to some traders, or their levels, or they will absurdly pricey for you, because they don't like you. In that case, the only way for you to get something, is from Fence at higher price. 


I agree there are issues with Fence like for example items not stacking (even though they are always full durability), or that he operates in roubles (I believe he should have his own "currency", maybe even some cryptocurrency (Fencenium? Fencecoin?)). But making him sell cheaper than others is kinda lame. 

The only way I could agree that Fence should sell cheaper than others is if he was selling damaged items with low quality and durability. But no, he always sells brand new stuff ;) 

EDIT: Also, on the side note. In my perception, FENCE was never about "buying from him". I believe he is designed in the game to be dump trader, where you just sell whatever you want for half the price. He will buy virtually anything, in virtually any condition, for very low price. And he fiils that role perfectly.
You can buy something from him, but why should you? Anyone would prefer a more legitimate trader (yeah, as if Skier is anywhere close legitimate LOL), at least a trader with a name and face. So the only time you might consider buying from Fence is when you can't buy something somewhere else (low lvl, low attitude, no tasks, or no luck)

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10 minutes ago, Forien said:

But making him sell cheaper than others is kinda lame. 

I appreciate your response.

I have very little experience buying stolen goods but I'm fairly certain they're never ever ever never sold at above 'retail' price.... ever.... zero. Absolutely absurd to suggest.

Alternatively a fence would sell unobtainable/modified goods at prices that would be higher than 'retail.' Such as a weapon/receiver with a serial number removed. Or a rare item that is otherwise not for sale or illegal to sell.

Only some of the top-tier gear and items would fall under this.

I am willing to compromise. Perhaps an algorithm that raises and lower prices based on demand. There are 4000 knifes for sell. If those prices were cut in half, people would start buying them to trade to other vendors. A supply and demand structure would, I believe, satisfy both your concerns and mine. People without access to a specific vendor would then drive up prices for those types of good.



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Fence gets all his items from people selling to him. He buys them for less than any other vendor and there are only a handful of items no other vendor will take. 


There is no rhyme or reason to why people sell stuff to fence. 


The only stuff people should buy off fence are certain keys and quest items (and a handful of others, like keybar, epsilon, gamma, weapons case, items case that occasionally pop up) and yet people buy all sorts of stuff from fence. 

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I once I read in this forum (I can't provide any evidence) that Fence will be removed as soon as they release the auction house and or the flee market.

So he is probably just a easy to program placeholder to comprehend the missing of those more complex player driven systems.

It would be great to see an official source or answer, because then we could just link it every time a suggestion comes up that involves Fence. 

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