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New update 28.2.2018 (Corrupted game files)


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Today i got an small update on my game, after launching the game and clicking "Play" it opened the game normaly, had 1 game and after that tried to get to 2nd i got "Trying to synchronize with other players 90%". I was stuck there for good 5-7 minutes and then i realised it wont get me to into the game. I re-lauched the game, and it said my files are corrupted and wont start, so i repaired, finished the repair, opened game, crashed, told me i needed a repair again, wont launch again ECT ECT.


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one year later and im still getting this problem anyone got a fix?
I have tried everything from fresh installation of windows, reinstalling entire game, run as admin, disabled all antivirus, downloaded the distribution zip, gave all security permissions. Been trying to get help through Support requests but they keep telling me the same things as if im talking to a new person every day! Just hoping that someone in the community can help

PS Also there is no log files as the game has not been able to launch because of this error in the launcher

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