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Quality of life improvements

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Hello developers, I have a set of few, what I believe to be important, quality of life improvements to the game.

1. A posibility to unload magazine from weapon with the R+mousewheel shortcut.

2. A posibility to reserve a slot inside a container that will remain empty, so that when we loot a random item doesn't obstruct the slot and when we reload we don't lose magazines.

3. An automatic use of  "shoot-from-behind-the-cover" feature, when player is behind cover close enough to not be able to point their gun straight, aims at the edge of cover, and then the aiming stance will transition to the specific shooting stance, depending on if the edge is horizontal/vertical, left/right.

The first one is quick and easy solution to a situation, when person has only one mag (they lost the other one, or decided to not take any) so that instead of having to go to inventory, have to click unload on mag, wait for the animation to play and then reload the ammo and reload the mag, we would be able to do this with the shortcut, so we won't waste more time than necessary and die, because we're locked in inventory menu instead of moving around.

The second one is a long term solution for the problem of losing magazines, since we wouldn't randomly lose them because we decided to loot a mag from crate and didn't notice that it went inside our chestrig instead of bag.

The third one is a little more complicated, but it would improve the usability of shoot-from-behind-the-cover feature immensely. Right now it's too long and complicated to find the right spot a click the specific key combination to use this feature and this change would make it much more seamless and usable in actual gameplay.

Thanks for reading this and good luck in future improvements to this awesome game.




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