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I'm looking for the man who rescued me

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I looking for a guy who save my life tonight( 03.06 - 4:40AM) Custom map

Never seen before this "story" I just run for quest in custom map ( ye with hatchet) but i stuck in 'convience strore' lots of scavs pop in my face.
And this guy kill all scavs and drop 2 weapon 1medkit 1 morphium for me!  yes is not a dream..
I just want move out, escape.. cuz my quest done, but i dont have ammo or anything :D and ofc "dehydration".. the guy throw water too but i dont have slot (naked quest run without backpack)
Exit point ZB-1012, i try move faster the guy try save me(or just move same exit point dunno... but ofc boilers full on campers... I could not help without ammo :( and this guy dead... :'( but kill 3-5 ppl.. 
I cant move in with one hatchet... I tried to get out of here, but im dead too :/ But this guy make my day..
my faith in humanity, returns... this guy is a REAL hero..
I make same thing like this guy.. but i killed with my own weapons .. :D

so.. dunno who are you becouse i cant loot ur corpse :/ but  you are the hope! 
Thank you for this ! and thank you for help, thank you for everything! More ppl like this guy! 

( u can find me there : https://www.twitch.tv/sheet84 ) sry for advertise, id agains the rulse just delete this link !

                   - the real heroes are between us - 

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