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Escape From Tarkov | Montage | Headshots and Squad Wipes! (54 Kills) (2018)


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The best way for my to have fun is to got avs+paca+SV98 and headshot players with Fast-MTs and stuff. Im glad i'm not the only one to not go with 60 rounders and spray all over the place

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1 hour ago, risefridge said:

@ruizsean43 On tarkov I use 800 DPI with a pretty low sensity in the settings. I have a big mouse pad.

@LooneyPwnder Do it!! Send it to me when you do, I'd love to watch.

@Skawty86 Thank you, EFT has defnitely had a learning curve, but that makes it so rewarding.

@PIG-Mathieu It is defnitely fatal!

Awesome thanks! ...helped me work that out since i was using 1600 DPI and was wondering why it was like my reticule was "shaking" while aiming,.....just WAY too sensitive, I tried 800 DPI and since i have a smaller mousepad (getting a bigger one this weekend) i turned it to 1000DPI and lowered the sensitivity in game and now ...WOW!!! much better,...cant thank you enough,...its still going to take work to match your shots though!....lol

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16 minutes ago, risefridge said:

@ruizsean43 I'm so happy to hear that! That bigger mousepad should do wonders as well. Hit that subscribe buttom for future more content :D we also have some squad-play highlights you might enjoy.


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