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Clear out Bullet drop and Weapon range


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I want to ask to the community how to understand better the bullet drop associate with Weapon range because Yesterday I was in raid with friend and from red building on left side of custom we tried to shoot at the scavs in the contruction site over the river. 

Now I perfectly now that the distance is 300 Meters between these 2 spot, so in theoretical line if I use AK74 with a range of 650M and HP ammo with a speed of 884M/s the bullet drop should be very low and this video demostrate that with Zenit Belomo you just need to adjust the scope like if it was a little hat for the scav:

Well, my friend with M4 (Range 500Meters, Long Barrel and M995 with Leupold scope have to raise her scope more higher than mine! And that is the first strange thing.

The second one we go on Woods and tried to shot at the scav on RUAF roadblock from South-V EX (pay to exit) with the same setup. My AK didnt reach at all that spot, while his M4 did and he got a scav kill though!

So I dont understand how physics works in this game!

There is air viscosity or there isn't? There is only bullet-drop? Or both of them?

Thank you all!

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I believe that air is not a component that affects a bullets yaw in the current version of Tarkov. But it may be associated with the loss of velocity as distance of travel increases. In this specific case you could use range finder to get approximate distance to target and set the zero to that distance. With the PSO you would hold top of chevron on the center mass of target. Bullet can hit higher or lower then point of aim because of approximate zero, equate that in your hold over/under. I would recommend using tracers mixed in the magazine until you are used to the weapon system.

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