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Broken Scav Extract on Factory


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This has become more and more frequent for me the past couple of weeks.

Initially my scav on factory would be bugged in the way that only cellars and gate 0 extracts were open. As you all know these extracts are keys only and I can never get out. However in these past couple of days, it is guaranteed for 1 out of my every 3 factory scavs to have the cellars and gate 0 extract, effectively rendering my scav useless.

If anyone else is experiencing this, or knows a fix besides not playing factory please let me know as it is getting really annoying now...

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TLDR: your only chance is to farm the ever living poo out of SCAV BACKPACKS to try and get the factory key (confirmed since i did it 2 min prior to this post)

So...your best bet is to literally farm scav backpacks for the Factory key (this actually just worked for me....i looked up this forum post in trying to survive....and was just murdering scavs left and right...and one of the backpacks had a fucken FACTORY KEY in it.....i have never been happier in this game since i got a free SKS-op and 2 reflex sights....full set of level 3 armor....and well another factory key [and a dog tag with it] 

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