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Hacker, Hacker everywhere....

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It is quite funny how I join a games 3 time and everytime there is a dude who is trying to destory the walls with bullets. Maybe I missed a patch but why this guys can track me behinde walls ? And now they were not range to hear... Is it fun to play with wallhack ? Is it a challange to shoot PMC's trough walls or pin them down behinde a wall? :o ? Is just happens at the moment ? Laggs droping fps randome, burning severs and epidemic of cheaters. 
To be honest I understand taht this is a BETA performance is a problem in lots of games but there i just one thing that should worke more the 10 days after every '' anti cheat or glitch patch ''.
For real I like the game and hope it will be finished, but announce of the plans for 2018 seems such unreal, because the things that should work don't work and some huge problems exist a long long long time.

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Factory spawn next to forklift? Yeah, horrible, that one. Seems to be meta now to kill people in that spawn now through the walls. Those walls and doors need a reinforcement.

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